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James Joyce: Trolling IRL?

Posted on the 21 November 2013 by Calvinthedog

Trolling IRL means trolling in real life. That means that trolling in your real, waking, everyday existence. Some people’s whole lives are gigantic trolls. Sometimes I think Adolf Hitler was one of the world’s biggest trolls. Andy Kaufman was definitely trolling IRL. In fact, he is one of the best examples.

Rick Dyer definitely trolls IRL a good part of the time. A good case can be made that much of Rick’s recent life has been nothing but one gigantic troll on all of us.

If any of you have read or tried to read Joyce, especially Ulysses and even worse Finnegans Wake, do you think maybe those books are just gigantic trolls on literary culture and society and literature in general, or possibly just trolls on the whole world. Finnegans Wake in particular comes to mind. Every time I open up that book to some random page, I start laughing and wondering if the whole book is just some gigantic troll.


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