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James Eagan Holmes – The Astrology of the Aurora Shooter.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Ok, details of this guy are a little sketchy but lets have a look at what we have and see if it pulls together. James Eagan Holmes is being held for the murder of 12 people and wounding of several more at the Aurora cinema (movie theatre) which was showing the latest Batman film, “the Dark Knight Rises”. He is now responsible for the worst mass shooting since Columbine, which occurred in April 99 also in Colorado in the US.

JamesEaganHolmes natal

Now to all reports, Holmes was born in San Diego, California on 13th December 1987 (no birth time yet available). This gives him a Sagittarian Sun, and more than likely a Virgo Moon. I say more than likely because so often the type of person who eventually seems to carry out these type of atrocities is emotionally repressed. By having a Virgo Moon Holmes would have this shy side about him and he would be unable to openly express feeling of love and affection. At the same time Virgo Moons are also unable to receive affection either, it is almost as if you don’t deserve such things and as a result the Virgo Moon person remains rather cold and aloof. Speculation I know, but I am confident that I am correct on this assumption. Crucially, if he did have a Virgo Moon as I think, then it would be square to a quadruple conjunction in Sagittarius of Uranus, Saturn the Sun and Mercury.

This conjunction is very repressive too. Sun Saturn is very harsh on oneself, and indicates that Holmes would have had a very strict and harsh father. This conjunction is like putting a brick wall in front the personality, one is sober, serious and very reserved. The presence of Uranus here brings perversity, a need for independence and creates the impression to me that this guy is very much a lone wolf. Because these three planets are in Sagittarius, we have someone who not only is a gambler but also has inclinations to shakes things up from time to time. That Uranus is a real wild card here, ready to upset the status quo. Mercury in this combination shows the effect these planets have on his mind. Mercury in Sagittarius has big plans, thinks big thoughts, it believes one can achieve anything one wants. How his character behaves is down as I see it to which planet was more dominant at the time, sober stable Saturn or rebellious, shocking Uranus – the one which was affecting his chart more at the time would hold sway. All these three hinge on those repressed emotions of the Virgo Moon, which in turn would affect his state of mind.

On the other side of the chart making a quadruple trine to this conjunction is Jupiter in Aries. You could not get a more positive place for Jupiter to be. Here is the belief that one’s actions will be successful, no doubt at all!! Jupiter trine the Sun is lucky and optimistic, trine to Saturn is constructive and good at planning, trine to Uranus is audacious and risky and trine to Mercury doubles the effect that one believes that one can achieve anything. There are also international desires here, as if ones ideas can be globally received.

Venus in Capricorn does not help things either on this rather repressed chart. Holmes would find love difficult to express and although he would crave it as much as anyone else, you could never tell because you appear so aloof and detached. This guy I think desperately wants to be loved. Now I also think he comes from a broken family. The Moon close to the Nodal axis shows a close tie to the Mother and the Sun representing the father being affected by independent Uranus and Saturn shows difficult tendencies. The Sun and Moon in this chart if I am right are square to each other which shows a rift between the parents. As such, I suspect he was rather dependent on his mother who would have been cold and rather unloving (Moon square Uranus/Saturn), and if he lacked a father figure to guide him too then that lack of love would be with him until this day.

I move on to the most shocking of all the aspect on this chart. The sextile between Neptune and a Mars/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio. Mars Pluto in Scorpio is such intense energy. Here is jealousy, dark underground thoughts, violent tendencies and huge determination. Many people have such a conjunction and it depends on the character of the person how this force of energy can be used. Often those with less repressed charts can use it constructively to achieve great things, but the possibility lies there to use it for more evil purposes. Recently I looked at Luka Magnotta the Canadian killer who murdered his victim in front of an internet camera. He also has a repressed chart and a close Mars/Pluto conjunction. Quite frighteningly, this Mars Pluto conjunction on Holmes is sextile to Neptune which rules creativity and the film industry. The signature of the massacre he carried out is sitting here clear as day. All it needed was to be activated.

JamesEaganHolmes transits

Now, that Neptune in Capricorn was being conjunct by transiting Pluto in the couple of weeks and this week it was in the crosshairs of the Mars Uranus Pluto t-square formed in the universe, Mars and Uranus both being square to natal Neptune, triggering the natal sextile to Mars Pluto conjunction, the only aspect that Neptune makes.

Remember also that both Mercury and Uranus in the past week both went retrograde and both these planets sandwich the Saturn/Sun conjunction and potentially square that vulnerable Virgo Moon. Did something switch in his brain when Uranus and Mercury turned? Did a long held plan come together? Transiting Mercury at the time of the attack was exactly to the minute square to natal Pluto, the planet of death and destruction. With all the confidence of his Aries Jupiter (transiting Jupiter was quindecile his natal Sun so he would have felt exceptionally lucky) that nothing could go wrong, that he would make a international statement, that he would take a risk and shake up the status quo, that he would do something to provoke some attention on himself and maybe mistakenly be loved by some people, he entered the cinema…

***Please note that a few of the details (the position of the Moon) here are a touch speculative on my part***

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