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J'adore: Votary Cleansing Oil

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP
I go through stages of wanting to trial different skincare items, and my latest obsession has without doubt been cleansers - budget, high end, balm, cream - you name it, I've got it on the go, because for me, the best way to sort the wheat from the chafe is to have each option lined up in front of me and to see which one I keep reverting back to time and time again. And in this case, the Votary Cleansing Oil won every single time.
After seeing Fleur mention it in one of her vlogs I became intrigued. She wasn't raving about it per say, in fact, she didn't really give any thoughts on it. No, it was the rose geranium and apricot contents along with the sleek packaging and minimal website that had me wanting to know more. It was an impulse purchase and I never looked back.J'ADORE: VOTARY CLEANSING OIL
Since then and after doing a little more research I have come to learn that it is also one of Caroline Hirons' favourites (no wonder I love it so much), and that as well as the luxe rose gold and green glass bottle, there is also a heck of a lot more that this stuff has to offer.
It smells divine and despite its relatively thin consistency, feels incredibly nourishing on the skin. I like to use it in the same way that Caroline suggests - as a second cleanse in the evening, so that I can really absorb the benefits, with it also working a treat when it comes to getting rid of any mascara remnants. 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly, it is packed with ingredients including jojoba, chamomile and apricot oil that make it a delight to apply and leave skin feeling clean, plumped and refreshed. You may want to steer clear if your skin has a tendency to react to essential oils, but other than that there's nothing too obvious in there that is likely to cause any issues.
The Votary range of skincare itself currently only consists of three different products - the cleansing oil, a toner and their facial oils - all of which I am now dying to try. The Jasmine and Calendula Oil sounds absolutely divine!  I get the feeling it's a case of do little and do it all exceptionally well with these guys. If you can get your hands on this stuff then I would seriously recommend you do so - I've fallen head over heels with it!
Sarah x

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