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ITU’s Green Standards Week

Posted on the 09 August 2012 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

B1 ITU’s Green Standards Week

With issues like climate change, deforestation and pollution plaguing our planet, it’s becoming increasingly important that people—from all industries and walks of life—do what they can to change their ways and reverse the damage that’s been done. Thankfully, that’s just what the people at the International Telecommunication Union’s Green Standards Week aim to do when some of the most brilliant minds in the technology industry join together for this event next month.

This year will mark the second event of its kind and will bring together policy makers, engineers, urban planners, designers and more. Hosted by Microsoft, the event is a global one and seeks to spread public awareness about the environment’s situation. Bringing the international tech community together, forums and discussions will focus on how technology can be used to solve some of the newer, evolving issues we, as a global community, face.

Specific topics covered will include the importance and role of Smart Grids, controlling e-waste and steps we need to take to build greener cities. This is sure to be a great learning experience for all parties involved and members of the educational realm are encouraged to go and take the information back to their students.

Taking place in September, there is still some time to make plans to attend. With our environmental situation worsening by the day, the time to act is now. The organizers of this event understand this urgency and are sure to incorporate it into the various activities and forums. This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss.

From record-setting storms to scorching, unseasonal heat waves, our planet has recently been going through changes we had previously never encountered in our lifetime. Events like these are great educational experiences and offer industry-leaders the opportunity to gather, exchange ideas, spread awareness and brainstorm potential solutions to Earth’s biggest problems to date.

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