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It's Snowing Paper in Australia

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
It's Snowing Paper in AustraliaIt's no secret that snowflakes are divine, simply divine.  I've been to places around the world where it snows and I've had one white Christmas in Switzerland.  In Australia however, Christmas is mid-Summer and even when it's a wet one like this year, it's still way too warm for snow!  Warm wet weather or not, I see no reason why we can't celebrate with a little faux-frost of the non-melting type.
Turning to my old friends, (cupcake liners / patty pans), I went to work folding and snipping.  I love cupcake liners; they're made of my favorite material - paper; they come in great colours and a variety of sizes; the paper is easy to cut and fold but still pretty resilient to tearing; the ribbing adds instant texture; and you can make so many things from them, including flowers and snowflakes.
My daughters are still too young for 'fussy cutting', but late the other night I had a great time creating three different sizes of snowflakes, threading them onto a piece of fishing line, and then hanging it in front of the blue wall in our bedroom.  If you're wondering how I got them to cascade on the wire - I didn't - it's a trick; I rotated the photos!  The wire is actually suspended horizontally between two bookshelves, and the snowflakes spread out across the line.
Yesterday we got around to sticking them up.  My dining room has a set of glass louvers and the girls used clear tape to stick them all over the louvres.  You only have to open the louvres a fraction and a breeze comes through and makes the flakes flutter - the girls love the look and so do I!
Only 3 more sleeps to go, and 2 more posts from me, and then I'm going to take 10 days off to enjoy some family time... but fear not - the web site with all it's free downloads will still be open, and you can be sure there will be some fun things in the January Newsletter if you subscribe!

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