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It's Sixteen Years Today

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
...since I was born. Yes, today on May 31, it is my birthday, unluckily on a Thursday, however luckily tomorrow is Friday meaning party :). I promise to take loads of pictures if I don't break or happen to forget my phone which, as I know myself, is very likely to happen. My excuse for not posting... is lack of events in my life and legit feeling of anti social from my audience, ha ha. This is the summary of today:
It's sixteen years today First of all, there always in my case comes food, however this food is good food, and trust me I must know because I'm a sweets addict. However, posting this means I am going to link this to my outfit. Yes, it's the color and no, it doesn't mean I came out wearing strawberry costume on me on the day of my birthday just for the sake of the 'special' day when you are supposed to have all these privileges n shit. However, all I did was very boringly wear a skirt.. that's not even the same tone, and it's actually orange, but who cares, colorblind people like me don't.
It's sixteen years today Another one of my super quality pictures are here not to SHOW OFF my genius photography skills, but for you to imagine how my 'strawberry' creation look. Now as I'm looking at it, iPhone quality makes literally all my outfits look shit unless it's gone through instagram and it's not a mirror duck fez pose. That looks just cheap.
And finally here's the traditional part of a birthday (except for the cake OF.C.), the present. Nope, no outfit with it yet cuz they're brand brand brand new and I'd love to save them for a good occassion, oh wait, it's my birthday party tomorrow.
It's sixteen years today
It's sixteen years today I love how not only the shoes, but even the box is stylish. Honestly, I wouldn't ever guess they would put shoes in it because that's just odd however creative, but who cares about the box anyway if you see what's inside. Now I re-numbered my preferred ballerinas, honestly I did. It used to be Chanel and Lanvin taking the first places however these amazing gorgeous and stylish lace ballerinas are the cherry on the top of today. They can be worn with anything and legit completing the outfit due to the lace on the sides. Ahhh, that lace, that's the shit. Anyway it's always the brand that plays a big role I must admit. And you all know it even though you don't want to admit it. I defo wouldn't be obsessing over these if I bought them as a second (third) hand  *insert a cheap brand shoes which's sole falls off after first step here*, right? Back to the point, I AM OBSESSING over lace as I already said, and even if it was a fifth hand I'd go for 'em. With that a good night and last hour of sweet sixteen day to me.

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