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It’s Official – There’s No Shame in Shapewear

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Shapewear has been all over the news lately, as more and more women are discovering that this once well-kept secret is, in fact, an easy route to enviable curves.  Now, a survey just out has revealed that 60% of the many women who wear shapewear to sculpt their figures would not admit it to their partner.  However, almost half of the men questioned said that they would care one jot if their hot date turned out to be wearing control pants.

It’s official – there’s no shame in shapewear
Let’s face it, shapewear has come a long, long way since the infamous Bridget Jones granny pants.  The bras, knickers, corsets and bodyshapers in the shapewear ranges nowadays are sexy and sassy – and unless your boyfriend or husband is some kind of Gok Wan wannabee (which we doubt, somehow), then the chances are they won’t be able to tell the difference anyway!

Another interesting snippet to come out of this survey (which was commissioned by a leading supermarket chain) is that a somewhat surprising 43% of women carry around a pair of ‘emergency’ sexy knickers in their handbags….just in case they get lucky!  Love it!


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