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It’s Not Over Yet

Posted on the 11 February 2011 by Igoudiaby

It’s Not Over YetI went to bed, or should I say fell asleep, early this morning around 5: am, while watching, as I do every morning, various taped programs from the previous evening. They all talked about Egypt, the number one story of the day, and the new development was as we all know that Mubarak refused to step down. When I woke up six hours later, the TV was still on with the breaking news “Mubarak steps down”.

This is how fast things have been moving in Egypt and how easily one can be wrong about what is going to happen there. Power has now been transferred to the Military, which in and itself is not much of a change since Mubarak was its Officer in Chief and remained in control despite the fact that he resigned to run for President as a civilian.

The pressure should be maintained by both the Egyptian people and the International community to ensure a timely transition to a civilian and democratically elected government.

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