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It’s Manna Season.

By Jenrene

It’s Manna Season.

I am very careful writing about Manna. Manna was an unusual phenomenon – actually ‘spiritual food’ – “or divine spiritual nourishment”  that fell from  heaven – and  occurred when God fed the children of Israel as they entered into the Promised Land. It was a forty-year feeding. A very arduous journey from bondage, into freedom. Not even all the people who left, entered into the Promised Land because of major attitudes, grumbling and mumbling, because of their complaints and ungratefulness. As you can ell by my book title ‘Red Sea Situations – I tend to  get very enthused by the  journey into freedom, and all its nuances.  Well, I am here again.

I started a new job, yesterday. A dream job. One of my dream has always been to work in a home with women and to be present in their lives as a guiding force. To teach self-esteem, motivation, and leadership to them and their children, and to empower them with the word of God. I got all of this, this week. And more. Yesterday , when I began this job, it was literally as if I was dreaming.  As before with my previous job I didn’t really go seeking for  signs, yet  I was very observant.  And there it was. It just sort of fell into my lap. Somewhere during the course of my day, the word: “Manna” showed up.  There was the word…sitting right in front of me – on a purple piece of paper,  and I didn’t ask for it.    As if it was speaking  as an identifier, of some sort.

And I thought to myself: “Wow…so THIS IS Manna, huh?” Is this what it feels like? Manna, when translated means:”What is it?” Sometimes it comes in such an unusual form, it’s so different, and unexpected you kind of just are amazed by the substance, in and of itself. But let’s not forget that manna is FOOD.  And food : by definition is “something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies .”

Form.. Is so important.
What am I talking about?

I am talking about noticing what form something comes  into being in  your life. How does it present itself to you?

How does it come?

I often think about form when I think of blessings,  but sometimes not.  Blessings come in the form of hardship and also of pleasantry.  We often don’t receive it very well, when it comes in the lesser form, though. Sometimes when I meet people for the first time, or  I notice my environment and what’s going on around me. I am usually very discerning, so it may not come as I expect, but I am always reading – the  environment – and open to  a shifting of perspective. And because I think this way, and often sense there is a higher meaning to things,  it’s quite revelatory.  So I thought about this word “form”, then looked it up.” I was actually surprised to find exactly what I was looking for.  Words like “Arrangement”, “pleasing or effective results”, and words like “composition”, fell into my lap. Here is what I found:  Form means: ‘The manner or style of arranging and coordinating parts for a pleasing or effective result, as in literary or musical composition’.   Wow, it can even be sort of musical in its presentation  and  make ya wanna dance!

Manna also means: “to place in order; arrange; organize; to frame (ideas, opinions, etc.) in the mind; and to give a particular form or shape to; fashion in a particular manner.”

Yes… so as I approach my season of joy and utter pleasantries — I  ponder upon  about what it took to get here. And I think about the form in which it came, and I contemplate on the purpose for which it was wrought, who might be blessed in and through this blessing that BLESSED ME – and I am blessed to know that  everything I  endured in this season was  wrought for a purpose.  As I thought about  what  season of life I was in and thought about my intense desire for ‘spiritual wealth’  and greater good… ‘Manna’, came to mind. And this season I am enduring and the  message of worth , value and blessing were all intertwined. But also sacrifice, courage and  fortitude – of knowing that even in hardship and  not knowing what was next, I could trust in the Lord to be faithful in this season of my life and feed me.

I received nourishment. yes, indeed… spiritual food.  And now, I get to bask in its joy. And revel in its pleasantry.

And for me, that is supernatural abundance.

Just as manna appeared to the Children of Israel, and helped them to learn to receive as well in another unusual form.

I suppose I say all this to say: At times, blessing will come as spiritual food – and substance. Not as you  often expect.  But you can surely trust –  if you  have  a few growing pains,  and it’s maturing your perspective, it has a little sustenance in it , for you.

So receive, today. However it comes.

 It’s manna season.

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