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It's Britney Bitch ...

Posted on the 21 September 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Britney Spears has decided to have another go at cracking a music career ... with disastrous results that we can only see pleasuring the most insubordinate of human beings. Her lack of vocal ability, use of annoying blasts and choice of words all conjure together to offer what could be the most annoying song this year.
It's Britney Bitch ...The most frustrating thing about this track is that we know that some people will absolutely love it and the fact that, somehow, it is actually likely to do well, meaning that we're probably going to have to hear it out and about.
The first words she utters, in a very English accent we may add, is "You Want A Hot Body? You Want A Bugatti? You Want A Maserati? You Better Work Bitch." ... this is, of course, the chorus to this abomination and is repeated endlessly throughout the track. We don't really understand why she sees to love using the English accent lately, we mean, we're done and dusted with Tulisa aren't we?
Otherwise, this piece of 'music' is centralised around garish and bassy club beats that even Pitbull would find a bit much, unrecognisable lyrics that you don't really want to hear anyway, and a really annoying sense of arrogance ... therefore diminishing, to us, any chance of Britney having a career worthy of keeping an eye on anymore.
It seems that, throughout her career, Britney has always found it hard to follow up the days in which she was on top. It has seen her walk herself into public turmoil and, given that she is still trying this hard, we think she is most definitely not out of the personal woods just yet. It's a shame really ... she has always been considered talented but, of late, she just seems incapable of making anything worth while. Maybe this bitch needs to work a bit harder.

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