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It’s A Business…

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice
It’s A Business…

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A business man is driving one day when he begins to suddenly experience sharp chest pains.  Frightened, he uses his cell phone to call his secretary and tells her to call the ambulance because he thinks he is having a heart attack.  He tells his about location and she rushes to call 911 to get an ambulance to him.

The ambulance arrives and administer care to the businessman then rush him off to the emergency room.  After what seems like waiting for hours, the doctor comes in to check him.  The doctor shares with him that they will need to run tests and he will need to schedule a time to do so.

The businessman agrees.

The first week, the businessman goes to the battery of tests with one specialist.  They could find nothing and refer him to another specialist.

The second week, the businessman goes to another battery of tests.  Still, nothing.  They refer him to another specialist.

The third week, the businessman goes to another battery of tests.  Nothing.  The businessman is very frustrated and upset.

He starts to ponder if he can really find out what is wrong.  A friend of his tells him of a specialist who uses natural solutions and who is the very best.  The friend suggests that he sees him.  The friend also shared with him that the naturopath has equipment that can pinpoint what the issues are.

Grudgingly, the businessman agrees to meet with the naturopath and schedule an appointment.

Upon the first meeting, the naturopath places electrodes on various spots of the businessman’s body and begin his tests.

After what seems like an hour, the naturopath shares with him that the businessman is slightly dehydrated and the main issue was gastric in nature then heart related.

The businessman was incredulous, “Wait a minute.  You were able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with me while the hospital I went to could not.  I went to three specialists and they couldn’t find the issue.  Why is that?”

The naturopath smirked, “Easy.  Because they are a business.”


This story was paraphrased from a podcast I heard from Kevin Trudeau and has stuck with me.  If allopathic medicine is suppose to heal others, why are the patients getting more sicker?  If allopathic medicine is suppose to cure diseases, why haven’t the cures for cancer and diabetes been found?  If allopathic medicine is be the premium way to treat others, why is the U.S. Healthcare system broken?

What is really going on with allopathic medicine?

I would like to present to you the video “The Town of Allopathic” and see if the video doesn’t make sense to any thinker who dares to question the norm.  By the way, isn’t that what writers suppose to do?

Do you think this video is on mark?  Have you experienced a similar situation like Kevin?

It’s A Business…

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