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Israel, Egypt and Lebanon

Posted on the 05 August 2015 by Calvinthedog

Egypt is run by a U.S/Saudi puppet who’s very existence depends on Uncle Sam’s handouts. Same goes for Lebanon.

The Egyptian people do not like Israel one bit. There are regular calls to vacate the armistice agreement with Israel and many Egyptian professional organizations are on record as having a “no cooperation with Israelis” rule. Egyptian engineers come to mind. If an Egyptian engineer cooperates with Israel, I believe he is thrown out of the professional group.

The reason that the US and Israel have been backing these seculars like Sisi and Mubarak all of these year is that if you actually let Egyptians vote on the question, they will elect a wildly anti-Israel government like the Muslim Brotherhood they just elected. The only way to keep Egypt as a US-Israeli ally is to force a pro-US, pro-Israel dictator on them and keep them from every voting!

The Lebanese state is utterly hostile to Israel. I even think a lot of Maronites don’t like them anymore. The Maronites mostly hate Syria and Hezbollah, and it is true that one of their militias cooperated heavily with Israel in being Israel’s proxy army during the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon. However, recently half of the Maronites (the Maronites have split into at least two factions) is in a formal alliance with Hezbollah and Amal, the Shia parties. So the Maronite-Shia hatred isn’t as deep as you think and has more to do with politics than anything else.

Even Maronites are Lebanese patriots. In the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, Maronite rhetoric was mostly against Hezbollah, but as Israel started destroying more and more of Lebanon, especially Beirut, the Maronites said they considered Israel to be an enemy invader and they were seriously considering activating their militia to fight the Israelis.

Nobody likes Israel in Lebanon. Not that the Lebanese can do anything about it. They are poorly armed.

Lebanon refuses to recognize the existence of Israel, and Lebanon says it is still officially at war with Israel. And I think Lebanon wants those three Shia Lebanese villages back that Israel stole in 1949. The entire Lebanese political spectrum wants the Shaaba Farms back that Israel stole in 1973.

I remember when Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, towards the end, the Israelis went into a Greek Orthodox Christian village in South Lebanon very late one night at ~2 AM. The village was silent and seemed to be asleep. There were some Lebanese troops holed up in the village, and they more or less communicated with the Israelis that they did not want to fight them (the Lebanese Army is nearly useless).

Nevertheless, 10-15 minutes after the Israelis went into the village, the whole village opened fire on them with automatic weapons. The Israelis cleared out of the village fast. The SSNP party said their militia opened fire. They are a Greek Orthodox political party in Lebanon close to Syria, and they have an extreme, almost psychotic hatred of Israel.

I dated an Assyrian woman from Iran recently, an Eastern Christian. She despised Muslims because they have been killing her people forever, but she hated Israel about as much as your average Muslim Arab. She was also a bit of an anti-Semite.

Let me tell you much the Israelis are hated over there. Even the Middle Eastern Christians hate them! Literally nobody likes them in that part of the world, no one.

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