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ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

By Januarycusp

Hi everyone!

So remember how I'd mentioned about something exiting to share with all of you? Well, without building up on a nail-biting suspense, I'll get right to it, starting with a very simple question. ;)

In today's continually evolving generation, which literally hops from one product to another within days, whether it's a new phone, bag or shoes, wouldn't you prefer to own something which has more significance to you? Rather than just purchasing new products, which are probably owned by your best friend as well, or the guy that lives down the block, wouldn't it be better to own a product, which is exclusive only to you?

I'm talking about Luxurious Customisation. Imagine the exhilaration of reliving the memories of that crazy vacation with your friends, every time you glance down at your Wallet. Wouldn't that be absolutely dandy; and that's exactly what I have in store today. Someone once said that the beauty of life is choices and that's exactly what ISOLANA LONDON believes in, paired with impeccable quality of Italian leather, of course. :cool:

ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

ISOLANA LONDON is a fresh take on the usual black/brown wallets, which we all have always seen since time immemorial. That's not to say that customized wallets are their invention, but certainly their quality is unparalleled by any other. Started by Forrest Sherman-Stevenson and Charlie Baron- 20 year olds, who are studying at Loughborough University (and working in Central London), the Wallets are meticulously worked upon at their workshop on a small island at Thames. And oh, here's a fun fact- the island workshop is how the name ISOLANA LONDON was coined. :roll:

ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

Their USP lies in creating immaculately printed Italian leather wallets, which have never been easily available for the general public. Oh, and in case you don't wish to have quirky, printed wallets and minimalism is more like your style- then they'd be happy to emboss your logo on their selection of 4 colours! Taking your pick and designing your wallet exactly like you'd like had never been easier. Combine Italian leather, London's highly experienced craftsmen, with an affordable price-tag and you'll have the perfection that ISOLANA LONDON prides upon. Plus, it would be exclusive only to you, in this entire vast world.

Let me show you the products presently offered by ISOLANA LONDON:

- Card Holder: A minimalistic design ideal for holding both travel and credit cards in a small compact form.

ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

- Slim Wallet: An Ultra-slim wallet that is able to hold 12 cards whilst still keeping its thin profile.

ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

- Bi-fold: The timeless classic wallet, with 8 full sized card pockets and a banknote sleeve, which still maintains its ultra thin design.

ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

ISOLANA LONDON is launching mid-April and then all of you can have your fill of customisable goodness. With an extremely innovating and young team behind the wheels, you can be sure of having a great experience. I, for one, am really excited for their release and have already outlined my designs. So think hard, because with ISOLANA LONDON, your imagination is your only limitation! :D

ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

Oh, & btw, here's where you can find them on Facebook, Instagram or their Official Website! ^^'

That's all for today & I'll talk to you'll soon.

[Picture Coedits: All pictures are copyrighted by ISOLANA LONDON]

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