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Islamist Guerrilla Kills 4 US Marines in Shooting Attack in Tennessee

Posted on the 17 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Four US machines shot and killed by an Islamist guerrilla in Chattanooga.

This was not a terror attack, and this man was not a terrorist. He was a guerrilla fighter in an insurgency. His group has simply declared war on the US.

It is never terrorism to attack soldiers for a military reason at wartime or peacetime. Terrorism only applies to civilians. A person who attacks soldiers for a military reason during either peacetime or wartime is simply an enemy soldier of some sort, often a guerrilla, in this case an urban guerrilla.

I am really getting sick and tired of the disgusting abuse of these words, terror, terrorism and terrorist. Like racism and racist, these words have become so abused by scumbags these days that they have almost no meaning whatsoever anymore.

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