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ISIS Was Created by America and Israel

Posted on the 25 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Well it is not 100% true, but it’s a nice headline. People like me have been saying this forever now.

What happened was that the US, Israel, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all supported radical violent Islamist groups in Syria which later coalesced into ISIS. A DIA document now released showed that the coalition assumed that these jihadists would coalesce into an “Islamic State” or Salafist Principality in Eastern Syria. The DIA states that this is the intention of the Coalition: in other words, the Coalition hoped that aiding the jihadists would result in a Salafist Islamic State in Eastern Syria. This would be a good thing for the coalition because it would isolate Assad and rollback Iranian expansionism in the Middle East.

So there you have it folks. The US, the West, Israel, Turkey  and the Gulf states all realized that what they were doing was going to create an Islamic State entity in East Syria, but they wanted to create an Islamic State there to undermine Assad and rollback Iran. In other words, it was worth it.

At the same time, a Rand Corporation report said that the US is allied with anti-Al Qaeda Sunnis in Iraq to fight Al Qaeda while at the same time, the US was supporting Al Qaeda in Syria. The US and the West also supported Al Qaeda in Libya when they set up no fly zones for anti-Gaddafi rebels, most of whom were Al Qaeda. Rand urged the US to ally with ultraconservative Sunni regimes in the Gulf in order to rollback Iran.

So the US and Israel foresaw the development of the Islamic State, and they thought it would be a good thing. And they planted the very seeds of it, knowing exactly what would spring up.

People ask me why I hate America. That’s right. I hate my country. You better believe it. I am an America hater through and through. And why should I not be? America created ISIS! America supports Al Qaeda! Why would any American in their right mind support their country?

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