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ISIS Comes Under Mystery Attacks in Syria and Iraq

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Calvinthedog


Whoever is doing this has balls of steel. Have you seen any of ISIS’ videos showing what they do to their enemies? Damn, I would never go up against them, or at least I would not want them to have the opportunity to catch me.

These attacks are not by Western intelligence or Mossad.

Western intelligence doesn’t have the balls to carry out ground attacks like this behind enemy lines in ISIS territory while staying behind in ISIS controlled lands to conduct more attacks.

Mossad hardly has the balls to do this behind ISIS lines either, but never underestimate one of the best intelligence agencies on Earth. Anyway, Israel does not want to hit ISIS because they are supporting ISIS against Assad. In recent days, high-ranking Israelis said that they would much rather deal with ISIS than with Assad. I would tell the Israelis to be careful what you wish for.

Plain and simple: Whoever is doing this is part of the population that is living in ISIS lands.

One group is the Free Syrian Army (FSA) White Shroud group. The thing is that this group must have cells behind ISIS lines to carry out these attacks because there is no way to do these lightning sabotage raids and then escape out of ISIS territory. These are being done by stay-behind cells who have been infiltrated somehow behind ISIS lines.

Other groups simply seem to be local citizens who have had it up to here with ISIS’ draconian laws.

The ban on smoking cigarettes particularly irks the locals as everyone in the Middle East without a sack on their head not only has at least three days of beard but also is an avid smoker. Yes, in the Middle East, all of the men smoke as a sort of a basic fuzzy rule. I am not sure if the women smoke. I think they are not supposed to, but some might do it anyway. You ban smoking, and you are going to make a lot of Arab Muslim men very mad no matter how religious they are.

ISIS is going too far with some of their rules, but they only know one way to exist, and it is like this. Take away the draconian rules and there is no more ISIS, literally.

It looks like some of these locals carrying out attacks on the religious police are heavily armed with at least RPG’s and automatic weapons. Unknown weapons were used in a similar attack on an ISIS courthouse where violators of their wild rules are punished. Many people died in that attack, so it looks like potent weaponry was used.

Other attacks are done by pro-Assad groups who have long been behind ISIS lines carrying out attacks. These groups even have names, and most probably have a cell structure. For instance, there has been a hardcore pro-Assad militia made up of former Syrian military operating in Raqqa ever since ISIS took over.

The media has barely said a word about it, but apparently there are serious attacks being carried out behind enemy lines by partisans even in Mosul. ISIS held a huge feast for many of its members in which ~500 ISIS members ate at a communal meal. However, the meal was somehow poisoned by ISIS’ enemies, and ~200 of the 500 diners died of poisoning, while many others were sickened. I cannot imagine the balls it takes to do something like that. However attacks like that show that ISIS is making a lot of people mad in the areas they rule.

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