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Is Your W-ifi Network Secure in 2018?

Posted on the 03 August 2018 by Harper Wales

In today’s era, technology has surpassed every aspect of a humans life. When it comes to technology WIFI is one of the most vital element. Technology enhances every step where others become obsolete. Wi-Fi devices have become faster where they can surpass high-speed tech devices too.

Every place i.e. restaurants, cafes, offices and home etc encompasses the use of wireless devices to keep themselves updated throughout the period.

One of the major obstacles to setting up a Wi-Fi device how to set in according to the home network. While others just leave them on internet service providers which is a gross idea. Nowadays, Internet service providers connect your devices by using your Land Line number as the key access code by which you can easily access the setting log.

Wifi Security for home

At home, having such a technological advancement i.e. wireless internet also surprises the visitors. To connect them via the wireless device you need to first set up a Guest network where specific settings are available to guests only which does not give them a chance to intervene your privacy.

The secure gateway to your network is your Password which saves you from other intervening or hacking up your network. One of the finest creatures on earth i.e. Homosapiens also deteriorates in creating a strong password. A password shall always have lowercase and uppercase with having numbers. The strong password creates a master wall between user and hackers where they are not able to intervene the wall. A hacker always starts thinking where a human halts his/her thoughts.

Hacking has its own pros and cons where it’s just initiated by pulling a Universal Serial Bus (USB) through which software or an operating system gets into your network dismantling all the settings throughout the period. Ethical Hacking is also one of its kind.

To save and secure you from hacking, networks are built through having Firewall. Data running through a set of specific codes or complicated algorithms leads to encryption of data which is not easily converted into simply code. The data received on the user end is decrypted into a nominal set of numbers. When a client connects to the wireless network, it gives access routes to all the gateway to private security. It’s a type of shaking hands where you explicitly allow yourself to open threat. If any hacker gets into your network via such loophole then you are responsible on your own through it that’s why we use websites with https and not with HTTP.

It’s always better to take some precaution instead of getting knocked down by a heavy heart. One shall never use numbers as their password as it is an obsolete practice rooted to 10-15 years back. Always back up your security protocols to up to date technology.

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