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Is Tootsie The Musical Good?

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

When you first hear about Tootsie the Musical, you might just think that it is the type of thing that only members of the younger demographics would ever find any type of actual value in. Regardless of that, it is essential to bear in mind that this musical has a lot more to it than meets the eye. For one thing, it has a truly complex plot, one that touches on a lot of poignant themes that many other musicals fail to address mostly because they feel like it would alienate too many people that might have otherwise bought a ticket.

It’s great to see a musical in Orlando that isn’t afraid to touch on themes like this, and suffice it to say that when you go and see Tootsie it will fill you with a newfound appreciation for how the arts can end up shaping your world view if you take them seriously enough. The number of musicals in the city is very high, but not many of them are held to as high a standard as the one that we have mentioned above.

musical in Orlando

The fact of the matter is that while political themes are by no means essential for a play to be good, you can’t ignore that we are living in a highly politicized world. We often need art to make sense of this world. This is because of the fact that art can help us contextualize the direction in which the world is currently headed, and there is no better example of that than Tootsie the Musical even if it has a generally whimsical vibe to it that makes it seem like a frivolous distraction from real life.

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