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Is There Such a Thing as a Gay Lifestyle

Posted on the 09 January 2014 by Calvinthedog

In a word, yes. And on the other hand, a small number of people are biologically gay. But the number of people who engage in opportunistic homosexuality is far greater than the number of biological gays.

The repeated use of the words “fag” “queer” the assumption that gay people go around ‘recruiting’ straight people (If someone is truly straight, you can’t just talk them into taking part in gay sex!) & the fact that you claim you know when someone is gay, because you can tell they’re attracted to you, (I’ve seen your picture), is shameful, disgusting and narrow minded. But then a lot of the comments left here, show a lack of intelligence & an inane overuse of profanity and vulgarity to get their message across.

I am a gay man, i am not feminine, well groomed or into musicals or Madonna, & the last thing i would want to do is sleep with, or ‘convert’ a straight man. The majority of my male friends are straight and none of them have a problem with my sexuality, nor live in fear that i would make inappropriate sexual advances towards them.

If your friend, DN, didn’t come out to you, perhaps it’s due to your backward, homophobic attitudes. And don’t try to tell me you’re not a homophobe- believe me, the proof is all right there in your writing.

The whole idea that if someone engages in gay sex then they are permanently gay for the rest of their lives and need to “come out” is just another of the endless lies and crap peddled by the Gay Lobby and its idiotic PC supporters.

The reason DN never came out to me is because he was never gay!

People are not necessarily born gay or born straight. Many basically heterosexual men are capable of having quite a bit of gay sex. Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece are great examples. Quite a few gay men marry and have heterosexual sex for quite some time. Huge numbers of heterosexual men engage in gay sex in prisons, jails, all boys schools, the military, on ocean ships, etc. They do it because there are no females available.

I knew my friend DN for many years. According to this lunatic gay above, DN was always “gay,” apparently from birth. He just hadn’t “come out” yet. Maybe someone should have told him that while he was busy screwing more females than an average Army batallion? This guy had sex with more females than most men will in 20 lifetimes. Yet nevertheless, in spite of all that womanizing, he was really “gay” and in need of “coming out” all that time?

Do you see how insane this PC nonsense is?

DN was one of my best friends and I know him like I know the back of my hand. In fact, I even know what the inside of his mind looks like because I spent so much time with him and I am pretty good at looking into people’s heads and figuring them out.

DN was exclusively heterosexual (and really, wildly heterosexual) until the age of ~23. After that time, he began to engage in homosexuality (I would say he began living a homosexual lifestyle). At the same time, he was still with women, and the last I heard, he was living in a big house in Santa Barbara with his girlfriend

I have thought long and hard about his sexual orientation and I really think that he is preferentially heterosexual, maybe a 90-10, 80-20 or 70-30. I think he likes females a lot more than he likes males. In my experience, most bisexuals lean one way or the other. Male bisexuals tend to either lean towards females or lean towards males. I am not sure how many true or pure male bisexuals there are.

It is certainly possible to live a gay lifestyle. Quite a few predominantly heterosexual people or straight leaning bisexuals begin to engage in homosexual behavior for various reasons. It is perfectly appropriate to say that these people are leading a gay lifestyles.

Males who are truly biologically gay are another story. Despite the endless lie of the Gay Lobby called the 10% Lie (The Gay Lobby endlessly insists, based on no real evidence, that 10% of the population is gay) , the true prevalence of homosexuality in our society shows that pure homosexuality is relatively rare in the US at only 3% of the population. This 3% of males are naturally and normally gay so it makes no sense to say they are living a gay lifestyle anymore than biologically straight people are living a straight lifestyle. The term gay lifestyle should not be used for the small percentage of men who are biologically gay.

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