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Is There a White Genocide in South Africa?

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

There are two false ideas being pushed here, the first by the racist White Right and the other by idiot Cultural Left modern antiracists.

The White racist lie is that there is a White genocide in South Africa. There isn’t. Sorry racists!

The other has two parts. The fist part says it is a racist conspiracy theory that there is a White genocide in South Africa. There isn’t one so they are right. However there is another part to this. The White racists argue that White farmers are specifically being singled out for murder and robbery. The Cultural Left modern antiracists say that the notion that Blacks are singling out White farmers for murder and robbery is a White racist conspiracy theory and a lie. This is false.

You can look at the statistics. Whites are 9% of the population and 9% of the murder victims. Now, the Blacks are not being very nice to a lot of the Whites there, that’s for damn sure. But they’re not singling out Whites per se for murder. The Blacks kill everyone, Whites, Blacks, Indians, they don’t care. They’re not particular about who they kill.

However, the White farmers as a group are being singled out, and there are many attacks on them, so many that there is at least one attack every day. This is related to the land reform that never got done. The Whites own almost all of the good land, and the Blacks have been relegated onto poor lands of marginal value. Farming these marginal lands has led to a lot of soil loss and erosion.

The same exact thing happened in Zimbabwe.

Because the land reform situation has not been resolved, a lot of the Blacks are very angry at the White farmers. The murders are motivated by Black rage at Whites’ monopolization of the land. The government needs to buy out the White farmers, I would say.

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