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Is Steve Bannon the Real Power Behind the Trump Throne?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Is Steve Bannon the real power behind the Trump throne?

Since he was announced as chief strategist to Donald Trump, the influence of Steve Bannon, the faceless former executive behind Breitbart News seems to be all over every executive order that President Trump has issued. Breitbart News for those of you who don't know is an ultra right wing Conservative online publication started in 2007. It is unapologetically pro Israeli because of it's founder Jewish American Andrew Breitbart, and linked through Bannon to the Alt-Right faction. It has been described as misogynistic and xenophobic in the past and continues to espouse controversial views such as the dismissing of climate change and it's potential environmental consequences.

Steve Bannon was born on 27th November 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia (no birth time know - I'd love to get one). His natal chart is very notable for a t-square based around his natal axis. Uranus is closely conjunct to his South Node and square to his natal Neptune at the focus of this t-square. This is a very interesting dynamic in his chart. Neptune square to the Nodes (his line of destiny) indicates that all Neptunuian concepts such as collectivism, socialism, universal health care, spiritual beliefs etc will tend to go against the grain with him. His Nodal axis goes from Capricorn (North Node) to Cancer (South Node) so his destiny is to administrate and his default position or one he feels happy with is the Cancerian values of his home, his family, his nation and being secure and safe. With Uranus tied to this Cancerian South Node, he espouses extreme and shocking views connected to these values. The Uranian need is one linked to groups and associations and in a political sense one can see how these views have morphed into a revolutionary movement of which he is a central part. Returning to that Neptune, it sits exactly at the midpoint of Mars and Saturn indicating to me a weakness in personally acting to deal with those idealist Neptunian issues at cross purposes with his life direction. Remember that Bannon's Capricorn North Node wants to run things and it sits at the point of finger of god formation or a yod linked to inconjunct aspects between Pluto the planet of transformation, power and control, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, justice, moral and religious aspirations. There is a suggestion of wanting to grab far and wide power here. Ebertin in his book the Combination of Stellar influences mentions with this combination that it breeds "joint aspiration, a relationship to the masses, political activity, joint or shared success and far reaching associations". To fulfil what Ebertin says he needs, Bannon required a partner.

Is Steve Bannon the real power behind the Trump throne?

Now all movements require a figurehead, someone to act as a lightening rod to conduct the political electricity that Bannon's shocking beliefs resonated. In Donald Trump, a businessman and national celebrity he recognised someone who said it as he saw it. Trump was an individual totally unconnected to the current political establishment, thus attractive to those who wanted something new and the perfect individual to hijack the ailing Republican party, so that the fanatical views of the Alt-Right could gain traction and power. Was he perhaps targeted or headhunted for this role? What I am suggesting here is that a deal may have been conducted behind the scenes in secret before the primary season began for Trump to front the campaign, and for Bannon to be the puppet master in the background. Trump famously penned "The Art of the Deal" and Bannon's media portfolio before he got into Breitbart included several feature films and Hollywood productions (I bet he's talented with Uranus square Neptune and a Mercury Venus conjunction in Scorpio trine to Uranus), and through this Hollywood link I suspect that he encountered Trump many years before their joint political aspirations came to the fore. Trump has mentioned he had known Bannon for a considerable amount of time, and I am sure that Bannon who is a smart cookie could see how he could coerce Trump, someone who does shift his position, and a man whose ego knows no bounds. For Trump, the pageantry and majesty of being President would be a crowning glory in his life. For Bannon I suspect power and influence over his political ambitions have always been his abiding motivations. It is noticeable that Trump has shifted his political affiliations a lot in the past 30 years and I suspect that Bannon noticed it, and saw someone he could persuade to follow his lead. There is an Astrological link here as Trump has his North Node conjunct to Uranus and Bannon has Uranus conjunct to his natal South Node. They will recognise those traits in each other and maybe that's what attracts one to the other? Donald initially was a supporter of Ronald Reagan in the 80's but in the early 2000's he leaned towards the Democrats. Since 2008 he has shifted a long way right in terms of political views. Is this because of an association to Bannon? I rather suspect so. On gaining the presidency Trump immediately made Bannon chief strategist and senior counsellor to Trump and this weekend he was appointed to the National Security Council. It is a meteoric rise for a media executive and I suspect a payback for a deal they struck in advance? For sure Bannon has a huge influence over President Trump, and in their joint synastry Astrology chart it shows.

Is Steve Bannon the real power behind the Trump throne?

Key to my assumptions are quite a few Astrological connections between the two. Firstly, Steve Bannon's Pluto sits in Trump's hidden 12th house conjunct to his natal Mars and square to his Midheaven. Effectively, Bannon will control and manipulate what Trump does from the shadows while having a transformational effect on his career ambitions. Secondly, Bannon's Nodal Axis which I mentioned earlier on links up with Trumps Saturn and Venus conjunction, with the South Node and Uranus sitting conjunct to them. Bannon will bring something new, fresh and radical to the way Trump does his business and he will constantly update his public image too (Venus rules Trump's Midheaven). Remember, square to all those planets is Bannon's natal Neptune so there are smoke and mirrors to his approach and life desires, ones that Trump may not initially see or appreciate. Thirdly Bannon's Mars sits directly on Trump's Jupiter/Chiron conjunction which in Trump's chart trines his natal Uranus. That trine in Trump's chart as I have mentioned in other conversations leads him to have hurtful and maybe unconventional or shocking views towards those who have differing philosophical or religious standpoints. Bannon's Mars feeds into this temptation in Trump, and eggs it on. Finally, Bannon's natal Jupiter sits conjunct to Trump's own 10th house Sun and North Node conjunction, bringing him luck, fortune, expanding his potential.

You can see how I have come to the conclusion that Bannon is President Trump's secret weapon, and as his Presidency continues, watch out for Bannon to continue to guide things and the direction that this Administration goes...

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