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Is Putin a Fascist Like Everyone Says He Is?

Posted on the 01 June 2016 by Calvinthedog
Every time you hear people talk about Putin the Nazi and Putin the New Hitler and all of that, keep in mind the reality of Russian politics and especially culture.The real Nazis inside of Russia are all with the Ukies, and they hate Putin for cracking down hard on them. I have seen their webpages on Facebook. Their pages are full of posts raging at Putin and talking about all of the Nazis he has put in jail. During the war, all of the Russian Nazis were with the Ukies who the Russian Nazis said were true blue, real Nazis. In fact, many Russian Nazis went off to fight for the Ukies during the war. Nazis came from all over Europe to fight for the Ukies.

The Duginites that all these idiots call Nazis are not Nazis at all but instead are Russian nationalists. They believe in the concept of a multiethnic Russian empire. These people are 100% with having a Tuvan (essentially a Mongolian) as Defense Minister of Russia. They don’t give two damns about race mixing or even the White race very much. They don’t think like that.

I remember an interview with some Russian nationalist group which had a paramilitary branch that had sent volunteers to fight in the Ukraine war. The interviewer asked if you had to be White to join. The leader was taken aback and said, “Oh no! We are not Nazis! We hate Nazis. We kill Nazis.” He then said that in order to join, you had to speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, and that was it. he then pointed out some non-ethnic Russian members of his group around him, including a couple of rather Asiatic-looking fellows. The leader noted where they had come from and pointed that not only were they not Russians but they were not even really White.

I have no idea if Russian nationalists are fascists or not. One thing is certain and that is that they are not racist fascists (Nazis) Personally, I am dubious that they are fascists because they have made an extreme alliance with monarchists, Russian Orthodox culturalists, and Communists. I doubt if there is any real true-blue even Mussolini style (nonracist fascism) fascism in Russia. The Russian nationalists are pretty sui generis.

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