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Is “Pedophilia” Normal in Adult Men?

Posted on the 19 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

I have studied a number of studies that have tested how widespread pedophilic interest is in adult males in the lab. The tests show various things. The results can be summed up below.

83% of men react strongly to adolescent girls
54% react to little girls
20% show a “pedophilic” response – strong response to little girls as strong or stronger than their reaction to adults
1% are preferential pedophiles

Men’s sexual attraction to adolescent females.

Several studies have shown that the rate is actually higher than listed above.

One study found that 100% of males react strongly to all females age 13+

Another study found that 83% of Italian military recruits reacted strongly to 13 year old girls.

Another study found that all adult men react to girls age 16-17 at the same rate as they reacted to older women. Reactions to girls age 13-15 were less but were still 70-90% of maximum.

I do not care at all if men are turned on by teenage girls because when a  man tells me he is turned on by teenage girls, to me that just means he’s normal.

You notice that feminists have a real problem with this idea that men are turned on by teenage girls.

Men with sexual attraction to little girls.

Next comes attraction to little girls, a time bomb of a discussion. But even this study found that 53% of normal men are physically aroused by little girls. I am sure that is shocking to most people. However, I have seen other studies in which much higher percentages were reported.

Two reported that all men were attracted to little girls. In one group, the men were aroused by females aged 7-12 and in the other to females age 2-12.

Another study found that 90% of men were turned on by girls age 2-12.

I am not sure if the two studies simply aggregated that 2-12 group together and tallied up the group as a whole or if they found that men were attracted to girls at every age of that group. I find it stunning that men would be turned on by very little girls, but anything is possible.

The one study that broke little girls down by age found men attracted to girls aged 7-12 but no attraction below age 7, which is logical to me. The attraction to girls age 7-12 ranged from 10-60%, with declining attraction as the girls got younger. This also seems logical to me. I find the idea that men are attracted to girls age 7-12 understandable, but I can’t stomach the idea that normal men are attracted to girls age 2-6. That’s just crazy. Normal men are not babyfuckers.

Men with both strong sexual attraction to mature females and strong or pedophilic attraction to little girls.

Now we come to the most shocking realization of all, that anywhere from 20-26% of all men test “pedophilic” in the lab. That means that they are as attracted to little girls just as much or more than they are attracted to mature females. That is a very high level of attaction to little girls; in fact, it is as high as the attraction that actual preferential pedophiles experience.

One wonders why 20-25% of all men are not seeking out child porn or molesting children. I assume that if you are maximally or highly attracted to mature females, even if you are turned on by little girls at a high level, you would probably just ignore or even suppress your attraction to little girls and simply focus on mature females instead. You would do this because attraction to little girls, not to mention having sex with them, is seen as anywhere from societally unacceptable to say the least to a criminal act of the worst sort.

Men with preferential pedophilic sexual attraction to little girls.

And here we find a critical difference: the difference between a preferential pedophile and a man with a mere pedophilic response. The difference is that the former is not turned on by mature females at all, while the latter is strongly to maximally attracted to them. The preferential pedophile is a man who is very turned on by little girls but has little to no interest in mature females. So the only way he can fulfill his sexual orientation is by committing a crime.

Preferential pedophiles are dangerous for this very reason. This is because the only thing the gets them off is little girls, and mature females do nothing for them. In order to fulfill his sexual desires, the preferential pedophile has to have sex with a little girl, a serious crime. And preferential pedophiles are much more likely than men with both strong pedophilic and mature attractions to be seriously wrapped up in fantasies about sex with little girls to the point where they are fantasizing about sex with little girls and masturbating to those fantasies a good part of their time.

In a word, the preferential pedophile is simply obsessed with having sex with little girls. The other 20-26% of men who react similar to pedophiles in regard to little girls have the advantage of being highly attracted to mature females also. Therefore, they can just blow off their antisocial pedophilic attaction and focus on the socially acceptable attraction to mature females.

This study found that 1% of men were preferential pedophiles. Another study found .1% or 1 in 1000 men were pedophiles. I am not sure which figure is correct, but it would probably not surprise me if 1% of all men were actual preferential pedophiles. Nevertheless, that is a shocking figure to behold. That means 1 million preferential pedophiles in the US alone. That means 340 preferential pedophiles in my small city alone.

A few conclusions:

All or almost all men are attracted to teenage girls. Such attraction is natural, normal and healthy. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s not sick or evil or pedophilic or any of those things, and anyone who says it is is either insane or retarded or both.

53-100% of all men are attracted to little girls but generally at a level substantially lower than their attraction to mature females. Therefore, being attracted to little girls, at least on a minor level, is completely normal in adult males. Even the low figure of 53% is still a majority, and one definition of normal is something that is done by a majority of the population. I would say it is completely normal to be attracted to little girls at a low level, but if you feel that way, it is probably not something you want to focus on or even think about much as there are much more pro-social ways to meet your sexual needs.

20-26% of all men are attracted to little girls at the same or greater level than mature females. That is, 1/4 – 1/5 of all men have a strong pedophilic response. Therefore, if someone comes to me and tells me that little girls turn them on, I am not necessarily concerned. What I would want to know is if mature females turn him on also.

There is a 95-96% chance that a man who is turned on by little girls is attracted to mature females just as much or at least very strongly. I would simply urge such a man to focus on his desires for mature females and preferably ignore or even suppress his desires for little girls, which are – let’s face it- -, antisocial. If you have two strong desires, one antisocial and one pro-social, why not substitute the pro-social one for the antisocial one?

The last conclusion, that 1% of men are preferential pedophiles, is shocking, but we will need to deal with it nonetheless. First of all, it preferential pedophilia is really that common, then we need to stop all of the pedophile witch-hunts and looking for pedophiles hiding under every bed. The truth is they’re everywhere. If they’re everywhere, we can’t exactly spend all of our time running around hysterically persecuting all of them, and if there are 1 million of them in the country, we cannot well put them all in jail or prison either.

These men need to set up an ongoing relationship with a therapist, the goal of which would be to try to keep them from offending. There are other ways for preferential pedophiles to satisfy their needs than molesting a little girl. Unfortunately one of those ways is via the use of child pornography, the use of which is nearly as illegal as molesting a girl. Given that the use of child pornography is very high among preferential pedophiles, this leaves us with a conundrum. We want to prosecute possession of child porn, but we can’t exactly put 1 million men in prison for doing so.

I have no solutions to these conundrums right now, but they should give you something to think about.

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