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Is Life in the First World Dependent on Imperialism?

Posted on the 01 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

I can’t see an alternative where a “kind and gentle”, “non-exploitative” 1st world exists. The “easy life” of the 1st world is made possible only by empire, regardless of whether so called “Jews” run it, or not.

Does anyone want to debate this idea?

Look at Ancient Rome, Jews didn’t run it, yet it was incredibly viscous and cruel, as a successful empire is. I don’t think Jews ran ancient China, Mexico, or Japan, as they’re aren’t any there.

I do not know. Are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, most of Europe part of some imperialist system that wants to control the world, become dictator of the world, and seeks total world hegemony where everyone must obey them. I do not see that they are. And they seem to have a lot of money. So it looks like life in the First World is not dependent on imperialism after all.

Canada, France and Spain do not very good, but they are not really part of some system that is trying to control the world. NATO only acts bad because all of NATO is run by the US. Europe only acts bad because all of Europe is a US colony that has to obey the US or else. Canada, France, Spain and most of Europe are not trying to run the world. In fact, the doctrine of US imperialism states that Europe is a competitor that must be sidelined and dominated by the US and that Europe cannot be allowed to get enough power to where they can challenge the US.

The Arab nations are very wealthy. Did they get that way by being dictator of the world? Hardly.

Yes there is foreign investment, but most of these countries do not push the Third World around very much. Spanish tries to bully some of its former colonies in Latin America, and France and Canada are very imperialist towards Haiti. France is also imperialist towards Lebanon, Syria and parts of Africa. But the French used to own all of these places. The French apparently still think they are a colonial power.

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