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Is It Good Or Bad for Steven Tyler to Overuse Plastic Surgery?

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

Everyone who has a liking for rock music is sure interested when hearing the name Steven Tyler. He is an American songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Plus, this man is famous not only for his music talents but also for his important role as the frontman and lead singer of the famous rock band Aerosmith as well as one of the judges on American Idol show. Besides, Steven Tyler is also a poor victim suffering from rumors about having gone under the knife for plastic surgery.

After having a look at the so-called Steven Tyler plastic surgery photos, some people assume that he could have undergone nose job, Botox injections as well as cheek implant. Interestingly, in a recent interview, Steven Tyler admitted that he used to go under the knife and above all, until now, he is a real big fan of Botox users.

Steven Tyler plastic surgery

Steven Tyler plastic surgery

Judging between the left and the right part of this photo, you can easily notice that Steven Tyler’s nose has some changes. His nose in the past looks normal with a broad bridge, bulbous tip and no upturned details. However, his nose in the present shows something totally opposite. It seems to be thinner and more sculpted than before.

When seeing the face in those Steven Tyler plastic surgery photos, some plastic surgeons presumed that Steven Tyler may have undergone Botox injections. They made a claim about the likelihood of his having Radiesse or Perlane injected into his face. The reason why Steven Tyler did so was because he wanted to eliminate all the wrinkles and to smooth out the hollows under his eyes. Though his face after having Botox injections looked quite ugly, his fans now gradually accept and get familiar with it.

Steven Tyler plastic surgery photos
Steven Tyler plastic surgery before and after

Steven Tyler plastic surgery photos reveal lots of intriguing things. Besides having nose job and using Botox, the lead singer of Aerosmith is also believed to have undergone facelift and some forms of laser peel to brighten his skin.

Steven Tyler and many other well-known stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Tori Spelling, Sheyla Hershey, etc. did fall prey to plastic surgery and the repercussions they had to suffer were not small at all. Not only was their money lost but their beautiful appearance was also adversely affected.
Steven Tyler is like a living idol to a large number of rock fans. In spite of the fact that he used to go under the knife for facial surgery, his fans still love him a lot.

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