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Is It a Bad Idea for a Bipolar Person to Have a Facebook Account?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

42816v1 max 450x450 Is it a bad idea for a bipolar person to have a Facebook account?

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Is it a bad idea for a bipolar person to have a Facebook account?

As many of you know I own and run a very popular Facebook mums group and if you’re a mom or mom to be you really need to join as you’re missing out on all the fun and support a mother needs.

I do struggle at times with my moods and especially, like now, when my medication has yet been changed and I have to start over, but I do have 3 admins who run the group for me during the times I am busy or not up to it.

I stay well clear of Facebook when my moods are switching and the mums on my group can easily guess when I am manic.

I have seen a few mothers on the group who are friends with others who like me have bipolar or some form of mental health issue and they have become worried at times, from watching the constant changing status of depression to highs.

Is it a bad idea for a bipolar person to have a Facebook account? I don’t think so; we need support and friends just as much as anybody but it’s about control and if you cannot control what you’re writing then no, close your account or stay clear of it.

One mom contacted me after viewing a friend’s status that read – “Standing on the balcony I think I may fly.” She was terrified as any of us would be and the only advice I could give to her was to phone 999 and give them this guy’s address.  She did just that. I do not know the outcome.

My own bipolar moods do reflect the way I think and behave and my Facebook account would also show what mood I am in. I have a close connection with my admins and I am able to say – you need to take over. My husband too would remind me not to go online when I am ill.

It can cause upset, embarrassment and you are left feeling guilty and ashamed when you come back to reality with a bang to see what an outcry you have caused. It’s just not worth it.

Control it or delete it.

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