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Ironman Training Week #14

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Are we done yet?

I am told it is normal to hit this point in Ironman training (being just a few weeks out) and to start fading. It’s not just the physical aspect, but mentally I am losing it. Wearing slippers around town is not just for teenagers anymore.


Tired or not, this was another solid week of training.

Swim: 7,700 yards (~4.4 miles)
Bike: 73.7 miles
Run: 33.1 miles

Total Miles: 112.2
Total Workouts: 8
Total Time: 13 hours, 2 minutes

I got a message from Sharpie about what’s coming up this week:


My “last long ride” is today for 6 hours (100 miles or so). Yesterday, I had a brick (34 mile ride followed by a 6 mile run), so I will be going into today’s ride a bit fatigued, which is probably a good thing. You know what they say, “7 days of tired legs makes one weak.” Get it? Week/weak? TAPER is right around the corner and I can’t wait.

Here are 9 things I learned this week:

1. Wearing this bracelet makes me feel more confident. Emma got one too. We made a promise to not take it off until after the race, or maybe never. Bet you can’t tell which is the 12 year old hand and which is the 46 year old hand – what IS that huge bump on my wrist called anyway?  (btw, these bracelets were only $3.00 on Etsy).


2. I can no longer go without shoe covers on the bike (I did order these shoe covers today). I cannot keep stopping and putting my feet in people’s armpits (this is a re-enactment, but I have had to do this the past two weekends with Ken and Julie):


3. GUs give me gas (but what doesn’t, right?) – sorry, no picture.

4. It takes a fair amount of coordination to eat oatmeal while driving with slippers on (I like my oats with a scoop of peanut butter and a cut up banana).


5. If you hear the song Work B*tch enough by Brittany Spears you start to like it. Weird.

6. Most of you like running in cemeteries.

7. The new Runner’s World Cookbook is really good (review coming on Friday).

8. You can make your eyes uneven


9. It is possible to scare your 15 year old by putting this in his bed early in the night and waiting for him to go in his room. It is also fun to drive with this baby in the passenger seat and to pretend you are nursing it.



Ken and I are going to Virginia tomorrow to visit our amazing alma mater, JMU. I might love Colorado, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. See you Monday!

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What’s one thing you learned this week?

If you could live anywhere else than where you do now, where would it be? I love Colorado, but I could see myself in northern California or overseas somewhere.


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