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Ironman Boulder Training Week #15: 18 Mile Run + 112 Mile Bike!

By Brisdon @shutuprun


Just had to get that little burst of Heidi cuteness out of the way. This the dog that we rescued over a year ago who we wouldn’t allow on the couch, but THAT FACE!! We are suckers.

I’m a bit late with this training update. Mostly because I’ve been…well…training my ass off. Duh! And taking pictures of Heidi. And eating my face off because that is what you do when you never stop being hungry. Or, HANGRY (so hungry you are angry).

With only four weeks to go, this past week was a solid week of training for me and a confidence booster.


Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Bike 25 miles
Wednesday: Swim 2,700 yards, run 18 miles
Thursday: Bike 16 miles
Friday:  Swim 2,700 yards
Saturday: Run 9.5 miles
Sunday: Bike 112 miles
Total Miles: Swim 3 + bike 153 + run 27.5 = 183.4
Total Workouts
: 7
Total Hours: 16

The highlights for the week were the 18 mile run and the 112 mile bike of the entire Ironman Boulder course. You can read about the run HERE.

The ride. What can I say about the ride?



  • 98 degrees
  • No shade
  • 7 hours total, 6:20 riding time
  • I did not pee once
  • 1,800 calories consumed
  • About 250 oz of liquid consumed
  • 12 salt stick caps taken

The 7 hour view (from aero bars):

Edward Dageforde's photo.

This ride went really well for me. I nailed my fueling and although it was HOT, the heat didn’t get to me too much. I know the conditions were very close to how they will be on race day, so it was good to know I could knock it out without dying.

Here are some fancy zig-zag salt sweat stains for your viewing pleasure. Please let me know if you are out of table salt and I will come over and shake my shirt over your french fries.


One of the guys, Tom, from my training group, Fast Forward, was out there every 30mils or so with cold water. I think I love him.  Another group IPA Endurance set up a huge aid station half way for any riders out on the course.


Yes, there were peanut M&Ms and peanut butter cups. And oranges. Screw the oranges, I went for the candy like the lush that I am.


Ken was at mile 88 with ice, water, Coke and GUs. I love him too. Marie looks like she is taking a dump, but she is stretching (yeah, sure she is).


Let me give her a little shoulder pat:


So…where do we go from here? Tonight is a 12-13 mile run. This weekend I have the Boulder Peak Triathlon (Olympic distance – 1.5K swim, 22 mile bike, 10K), which I’ll do on tired-ish legs (no taper. Not yet!). Next week is our final really big week (with a monster brick 2 mile swim-80 mile bike-4 mile run), then it is TT (Taper Time).

My bib number is:


Which clearly means everyone is going to be stopping me to ask for information. Get it? 4-1-1?


Do you let your dog on the furniture, let him/her in your bed, let him/her hump you? We draw the line at the bed, but other than that Heidi has the run of the house.

What’s the best workout you had this week? It’s a toss up between the long run and the long ride. Both went better than expected.


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