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Ironman Boulder Eve Eve

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I got in my last official workout this morning at the pool. I am NEVER the only one there and it was nice to have some peace and quiet.


Joie and I then went to the Ironman expo and athlete check in:


I don’t know who that photo bomber is, but I am planning on kicking him during the swim. Just kidding. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy.

Newton is doing this cool thing where you can make a 5 second video for your athlete to see at mile 20 of the run (on a huge screen) – pretty much the time they want to roll over and die. Joie was going to make one by herself, but I decided to jump in.

Getting Yelled At–Mile 20

I think she and I watched this ten times and laughed louder each time. It’s not nice to hit people in the face with cowbells.

Cool backpack this year!


I got home and started to make a mess. This event is a logistical nightmare of check lists, bags and STUFF.


I was sent a last minute email from the coaches with a couple helpful reminders:

1. It's a DQ to ask volunteers to put Vaseline in inappropriate places.

2.It's a DQ to go to the bathroom inside the changing tent.  ( I don't want to go into the change tent).

I think that ^^^^ sucks. I was totally planning on asking a volunteer to rub Vaseline on my inner thigh while I peed in the transition tent. There goes that plan (although what happens in the transition tent should stay in the transition tent).

Now onto goals…(I kind of hate putting them out there in case I don’t meet them, but…I know you’ll understand).

I am a goal person. Although I know full well it is just enough to FINISH an Ironman, I do like to have expectations of myself and what I think I can do. That said, I wear a simple watch, not a Garmin, on race day and go based on feel. I don’t get super hung up on whether I’m reaching my benchmarks or not. I trust I am doing what I am capable of doing and that I will have no regrets.

These are my top secret sticky notes:


Goal #1: What I KNOW I can do – finish under 17 hours

Goal #2: What I THINK I can do – 1:15 2.4 mile swim, 10 minute transition #1, 6.5 hour 112 mile bike, 5 minute transition #2, 4:45 26.2 mile run. Total time = 12:45

Goal #3: What I WONDER if I can do – 1:15 swim, 8 minute transition #2, 6:15 bike, 5 minute transition #2, 4:30 run. Total time = 12:15.

Of course, no one knows what race day holds. I could get sick, get a flat, get injured…but barring anything major happening, I am gunning to finish sub-13.

There you have it. I am now going to pack my bags, go out for a nice dinner and the IM welcome ceremony and put my feet up until 4:00 a.m. on Sunday.

See you on the other side of this journey. Your support and kind words have meant the WORLD to me.

Whether You Think you Can or Think You Can't, You're Right. -- Henry Ford #quotes #motivation #fitness #exercise #fitfluential

SUAR aka BIB #411

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