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Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United - Review

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Nrjperera @nrjperera
Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United - Review
You may have already read a bunch of negative reviews about Marvel’s recent animated movie “Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United”, but if you’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt I think you will find this movie to be quite entertaining, given that you’re a fan of superhero team-ups.
Spoilers Ahead!! 
After watching The Avengers (2012) movie and seeing so little of The Hulk, I was craving for more superhero action. As you can imagine, I was delighted to find this film because it was just what I needed, and I absolutely loved it. So, in this review, I’m not going to talk about the quality of the animation or the poor voiceover dialogues, because I admit there were a few flaws in those areas, but once you sink into the action-packed story in Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United, you wouldn’t even notice those tiny mistakes. And considering that this was the first CGI animated film from Marvel Animation Studios, I think they have done a pretty good job.
Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United - Review
As a big fan of The Hulk’s smashing work, I must say this animated movie got me hooked from the beginning since the moment Hulk gets into a fight with the Abomination. Hulk doesn’t realize he’s being fooled into a trap, but by the time he realize that it’s too late. The Abomination is simply working for the Hydra scientists who tries to supercharge a Stark Arc reactor with Hulk Gamma energy. When this experiment go horribly wrong it gives birth to Zzzax, who appears undefeatable, even for The Hulk. Good thing he get some support from his buddy, Iron Man. Tony Stark comes to the rescue and teams up with The Hulk to defeat Zzzax. Stark also shows off his awesome new hulkbuster armour, which later The Hulk wears to kick the Zzzax’s ass.
Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United - Review
I’ve played a lot of Hulk video games and seen a lot of live-action movies and TV-shows but, the animated action sequences in this film showed me a side of The Hulk I’ve never seen before, and Iron Man’s awesome support and humor comes as a bonus. Actually, I think this animated movie is even better than the The Hulk (2008) movie.
Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United is now available on DVD and BluRay, grab it and watch it, I promise you’re gonna love it.
Check out the trailer for a preview.
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