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iPads Are The “Breakthroughs” For Common Academic Burden

Posted on the 26 September 2018 by Harper Wales

Before the beautiful dawning age of technology rose, for generations, people have used the simplest methods of communicating, conveying messages, and transferring pieces of information to another source were commonly practiced with just a notepad and a pencil.

From a historical point of view, mankind has went from carving drawings on walls to portable-stone tablets to other materials like cured-animal skin that made perfect parchments.

According to The Journal Shop, it’s been researched that human civilization had knowledge of writing before the invention of paper. Ancient civilizations used natural elements such as clay, silk, woods, stone, and leather to imprint, write or create a drawing.

But there was one problem that grew at a constant pace. The human civilization continuously advanced in education, which meant that more books were required, more teachers were required and the most important was an academic tool like books and writing utensils had become a major demand. The second issue perceives from the first, more books would mean more weight.

iPads Are The “Breakthroughs” For Common Academic Burden

If we were to take a modern history book from a history class and convert all the contextual paragraphs into a comprehensible-code into a parchment or scroll that is made of cured-animal skin, it would take up more than hundreds of pounds of animal skin to convert that much information into a parchment.

In addition, it would also weigh at a massive scale, which would make it very difficult for anyone to carry on a daily basis. Luckily, as civilizations across the globe continued to advance in the use of natural resources, so did the methods of how we record and store pieces of information.

When the paper was invented, parchments and stone tablets and other materials in which were used to write on had slowly started to fade away into its own mist of wonder. Paper alone had open new doors to opportunities which led us to the mainstream of advancing technologies.

Today, we have technology at the grip of our fingertips that can give us access to the phenomenal amount of knowledge. Because of technology, advancing in new methodologies and bringing innovation to educations has become a demand, despite the possibilities.

The demand for education alone is the very reason why technology devices like laptops, PC’s, smart-tablets and smartphones have become very successful and very much a requirement for all types of professionals.

In our present time, every common household owns a smart-device. Apart from just changing the way how we conduct operations in an office or how we communicate with our friends and families, smart devices like the Apple iPad has changed the lives of thousands in many different ways.

One of the most effective attributes that the iPad has contributed was the ability to store large amounts of data into a super-lightweight device, accessible at any time, as long as some “juice” was left in the battery of the iPad.

iPad alone has many capabilities in which enables it to be compatible to be used for many occasions due to its diverse abilities. Students of all ages are the ones who stand firmly with the benefits of using the iPad. Students are now able to carry books in a digital format.

They are able to store notations and other important application forums, record lecture sessions, and students are able to stay connected to the school or university through means of the university’s or school’s student app. Students are able to carry the iPad without any hassle.

The iPad devices are much smaller than your average-sized school textbooks, they had the ability to surf the web in case students are required to conduct intense research. Students who had the opportunity to use an iPad on school grounds were able to be more productive on their own time instead of using the computers at the school’s library, which are usually slow, old and occupied by another student.

The super lightweight, sleek iPads are the “breakthroughs” for the common academic burden. Students no longer have to carry books that can accumulate massive weight on the backs, which can be difficult to manage during in between classes.

Students who have back-pain or spinal-cord issues are recommended to restrain themselves from putting weight on their backs and that it should be avoided when possible.

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