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Invisible Fluids

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I am doing it up right on race eve, drinking wine from a plastic cup in a bare bones hotel room. But, the bedspreads are really nice and I’m sure they don’t have any invisible fluids or germs on them.


Oh, and there is cake. Yes, I do have expensive taste in wine.


The drive here was hideous and ugly. I made Joie drive while I ate Dots.


We got into town and went to pick up our packets. In lieu of a cool race shirt or water bottle or thong, we got socks. And not just any socks. Ugly socks.


We went to dinner and heard some guys sing songs I haven’t heard since before I started my period (Feeling Groovy – Simon and Garfunkel).


I laid out my race stuff, still undecided about my final outfit choice. Sam asked why I packed like I was going away for 95 days and I told him I like to have selection when it comes to clothing options. Sue me. BTW, I am your mother and I sure as hell don’t have justify my behavior to you, young man.


After dinner, we drove around and saw a huge forest fire burning pretty darn close to where we will be running tomorrow. I am hoping I can cough up black phlegm afterwards.  Makes for a good party trick.


Trust me. That is smoke. Not a really cool cloud. Off to bed. See you on the other side of the race!


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