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Inventive Recycling

Posted on the 24 November 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Sometimes recycling food packaging and wine bottles is just not enough and we get the urge to do something more for the environment. Going green has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years, and entire houses can now be built from recycled materials as can the furnishings inside them. Whilst the prospect of building a house might be a little too daunting for most of us there is always more we can be doing in the homes we already have.

beds Inventive Recycling
Beds for example are one of those items of furniture which doesn’t get replaced very often, even if we get a new mattress. How long have you had your wooden bed frame? And what will you do with it if you decide to get a new one? The first thought should be to sell or give it away so that it can be re-used by somebody else, and the second thought should be – can I use the wood for something else? If we all start to operate with this kind of attitude then the world will most definitely benefit.

If you are buying a new bed then think about the environmentally friendly policies of the company you make your purchases from. for example, will deliver and unpack your new bed or mattress directly into the room you want it in and then will recycle the packaging materials at no additional cost to you. This kind of admirable
corporate social responsibility is always worth looking out for – and is not something which in the past has influenced buying trends. Nowadays consumers are looking for more from their suppliers and it is no longer acceptable for businesses to ignore their impact on the environment.

So next time you go shopping, keep your eyes open and stay alert for the opportunity to spend your money with the type of company you can admire.

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