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Intrapersonal Life Goals Examples List

Posted on the 27 December 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers

To work on your intrapersonal Goals, you have to understand the two types of influence
Two Types of Influence
1. Subconscious influence: You being influenced without your knowledge.
1. Self-aware influence: You being influenced with your knowledge. So consciously change something. Here are 11 different types of changes that you experience during self-aware influence:
Start a change: you start a change keeping certain goals in mind
Stop a change
Sustain a change
Survive a change
Step-up a change (continuous improvement)
Secure a change
Seek a change
Support a change
Seclude away from change
Sense (foresee) a change
Stand-still during a change
When you want to change something, you must have a strategy that can be broadly divided into 5Ds:
Disturbances (Conflict)
Drive (Motivation)
Decision making,
Disaster/crisis and success management.
In order to achieve this strategy, you must have a set of skills that can be broadly divided into six i's:
Imparting (presentation)
Influencing people is getting into their strong beliefs, opinions and actions that are prevailing from their birth. In order to successful, you must first believe in yourself, your thoughts and your actions. Second, you communicate it through interactions and actions.
By the understanding the above theory, you'll be able to achieve your intrapersonal life goals

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