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Interviewing Ashley from the Pretty Pisces

By Kellabella @kellabel
Interview with Ashley from The Pretty Pisces
1. Mini Bio?
I'm a 23yo self proclaimed "pretty nerd" and future nurse from Alabama that loves to play in makeup! ::Makeup & I have a special bond::

2. Where can we find you? 
3. What inspired you to start blogging?
 Watching YouTube videos definitely made me want to start sharing my ideas and opinions on different makeup products. I'd originally wanted to make videos, but I have a not so great camera so I figured blogging would be just as great! 
4. What kinds of posts can we see the most of on your blog?
 I do product reviews, NOTD, FOTD, hauls and swatches. I most recently started talking about natural hair as well! 
5. You've only been blogging for almost 2 months and have gained a good amount of followers, how do you think you accomplished that?
 I think it happened by networking and putting my URL out there on different sites for others to see. I am amazed I have people that actually care about my input! I'm so thankful and excited! 
6. What is your favorite store to buy beauty products?
 I mostly shop at Ulta because I like to have a mix of high end and drugstore products. 
7. What are your 3 favorite makeup brands?
 Urban Decay, E.L.F, and NYX [[Hardest question EVER!!]] 
8. Where would you like to see your blog 6 months from now?
 I would like to see it continue to grow and blossom. It'd only be almost 8mo. old so I'd like for it to be more of a reference for people if they need swatches of a certain product. I'd also like it to be a blog that people can come to and just simply enjoy the posts, even if they've read about the products before! 
9. Who are a few of your favorite bloggers?
Destinee from
G from
Nykki from
"Ms Nerd" from 
10. Do you think you will be interested in doing Sponsered Reviews on your blog one day, and why?     Yes, because I think it'd help me review products for my readers that I may not have been able to review on my own. It won't affect my review at all because before I was a blogger, I was a reader and a viewer and I could always suspect when people were influenced and it just turned me off and made me skeptical.
Thanks so much for interviewing me and allowing me to grace your page!! You're awesome! =)

Your welcome Ashley and thank you for letting me interview you. It was fun! I can see your blog being really big one day. Keep up the good work :))
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