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By Rubytuesday
I've been keeping an eye on the post this weekHoping to hear something from the jobI was convinced that I wouldn't even get an interviewBut today I got a letterTelling me that I've been short listed for the interviewWhich is on Thursday at 3pmYou guys I am so excited So grateful to have the chance to make a case for myself in person Now I have some work to do before ThursdayI have to find an appropriate outfitI'm thinking slacks, white shirt, blazer and small heeled shoes I'll sort that out later And will show you photos so you can give me some feedbackI also want to go over some questions that they are likely to askAnd maybe do some research about the charity and the place itselfThis is huge for me thoughI haven't done a job interview in years But any job I have ever gone for, I have been successful Granted I may be a little rusty nowBut I will give it my best shot That's all I can do
With all that said I was wondering about you Do you have any tips for interview?Do you think I should take out my nose ring?What would you wear to an interview?What do you think employers look for in a candidate?Any thoughts greatly appreciated

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