Intel Anti-Theft Technology Can Delete Data from Stolen Laptop

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Pratyaksh Somani @somanitechshow

If you are planning to buy a new Ultrabook then make sure it is equipped with Intel
Anti-Theft is built in. This technology also works on old Intel-powered™ laptops.
How to check Intel Anti-theft
To check whether Intel anti-theft works on your device or not you have to perform the following steps-
Intel Anti-Theft Technology can delete data from stolen laptop
Affected Products:
McAfee Anti-Theft 1.5, 2.x
Affected Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
Microsoft Windows 7
1) Download the Intel ESU for Anti-Theft file from the following link:
=====CLICK HERE=====
2) Save the zip file to your Desktop.
3) Right-click the file and select Extract all.
4) Rename the extracted folder to Intel. This will make later steps easier to follow.
5) Click the Windows orb or Hot Corner.
6) Type command in the Search box.
7) Right-click command in the search results, and select Run as Administrator.
NOTE: You must run the command prompt as Administrator. If you do not, you will receive an error: Error: AT MEI/HECI driver initialization failed.
8) Type CD\  and press Enter.
9) Type the below command for your operating system and press ENTER:
For 32-bit Windows systems: cd %homepath%\Desktop\Intel\32-bit
For 64-bit Windows systems: cd %homepath%\Desktop\Intel\64-bit
10) Type the below command and press ENTER:
The tool displays output similar to the following example:
AT enrollment code        = 2
Remaining time to lock= 6 Day(s) 23 Hour(s)
ISV ID                        = 5000
Platform ID                = XXXXXXXX
Benefits Of Intel Anti-Theft: 
  • Using this technology you can lock your data so that no one misuse it.
  • Remote data lock is available.
  • Since locking is done on BIOS level, eve if hardware is removed or changed,  locking will not be removed.

This makes your data completely secured.

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