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Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 Links.

By Simonea
Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 Links.there are a million photos of the Eiffel Tower but I love this image which perfectly captures the scale of the tower & the beauty of the design.Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 Links.indeed.
Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 there anything more beautiful than rust coloured Italian roofs?this kind of photo makes me want to move to Italy immediately.
Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 Links.i've been spending  much more time offline recently, i've barely been on Facebook & Pinterest....amazing how much more time one gains each day. food for thought most definitely.some good "rules for digital downtime"
Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 husband & my daughter are crazy about lemon whereas my citrus threshold is ridiculously low, my eyes water & my eyebrow twitches if I even look at a grapefruit....I think however I could make an exception for this fabulous looking lemon cheesecake
5 links5 simple ways to live a positive & productive life
the perfect Positano apartment
how to sleep better at night
5 minute honey yogurt quinoa parfait
a 100 year old house in southern Sweden
Happy Wednesday!

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