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Inskpirations Adult Coloring Books

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611


Have you notice there’s been an increase in the craze for adult coloring books? Sees like it started about three years ago and it hasn’t shown any sign of letting up.

Realizing the vast therapeutic effects of coloring, HCI Books has come up with their own unique series, beginning with the recovery and addictions community. The first in the series is called Inkspirations for Recovery. The back jacket of the book says “No matter where you are on your recovery journey, use this book as a tool to help you make each day a masterpiece”.


The book itself is “letter-sized” and contains 72 pages.  It is targeted to those in any kind of recovery. Included with the black and white drawn pictures on the right side of the page, you will find quotes from well-known people on the left side of the pages. The book begins with an introduction about all of the benefits of coloring. It also includes mandala information, a note from the illustrator, some tips and “how-to’s” about color theory, along with some examples of the finished product. The designs in this book include animals, birds, fish, insects, flowers, leaves, scenes, balloons, mandalas and highlighted words.

The back sides of the pages have quotes from Alcoholics Anonymous, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gandhi, C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert Lewis Stevenson to an African proverb and unknown authors just to name a few. The book ends with some nice instructions on how to make a mandala and more completed examples for readers. I would definitely say if you are like me and you’re in recovery for my hurts, habits and hangups, you’ll like this adult coloring book since it focuses on taking “one step at a time”.  

Coloring offers people some unique benefits such as calming your mind and helping you de-stress. They say coloring is also meditative, as it helps us “stay in the moment”.  If you missed out on that perfect childhood and weren’t really allowed to be a kid, now’s the time to pick up the colored pencils (or crayons!) and explore your playful, creative side.

I also think it would make a great gift for someone in recovery of any kind. Of course, you’d look even better if you threw some colored pencils in the box along with the book!

The other book I received was Inkspirations for Women: Color Your World Happy, which, obviously, is created for women specifically.  The back jacket of this book by Marci Shimoff and Judy Clement Wall says that it “will help you leave the demands of the day behind for a much-needed boost of happiness and creativity.”


This book is a “letter sized” 72-page paperback is geared toward women who likes to doodle, draw, and fill in drawn pictures. This book also includes quotes on the left side of the pages, the right sides include black and white drawings to color. The book begins with an introduction to readers about the benefits of coloring and provides mandala information. The book also includes a note from the illustrator along with tips and “how-to’s” about color theory and then provides finished examples. 

Inkspirations for Women celebrates millions of women worldwide, providing 32 pages of designs to color. The designs include birds, animals, insects, flowers and fauna, scenes, balloons, mermaids, teacups, bicycles, castles, and mandalas. The back sides of each page has quotes from people like Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, Audrey Hepburn, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eckhart Tolle, Albert Einstein the Dalia Lama. Finally, this book ends with instructions on making a mandala and more finished examples.

This adult coloring book focuses on nourishing your heart and renewing your spirit, finding beauty, peace and positiveness, and inspires calmness and serenity. Inkspirations for Women helps readers take a break from the busyness of life with its awesome original art. 

When I looked through this book, I have to say it was very inspiring. I knew that it would make a fabulous gift to a very dear friend who deserves calmness, serenity and positiveness in her life.

If you are interested in these two adult coloring books, or the other coloring books offered by HCI Books, be sure to head over to their Official Website HERE to learn more!

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