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Injury Update – July 2013

By Stodge @stodgeblog

The more astute of my readers will have noticed a little activity in my Attackpoint training diary after so long with nothing showing. After several months of conversations and form filling with my GP and local trust I eventually got funding approval to go and see Dr Leon Creaney, a consultant in sports medicine at Birmingham QE hospital.


I had a fantastic hour or so with him and his Registrar, where after a full history and some poking and prodding, he sent me off for some X-Rays to use with the existing MRi for a full review of my back problems.

Cutting to the chase if I was a ‘normal’ inactive person there wouldn’t be much of a problem. As I have been told before, the risks involved in doing anything invasive outweigh and discomfort that I might get from time to time if I was an office based worker and couch potato. The trouble is I am not, as most of the people you know me would probably agree, – ‘Normal’

So where am I? – I have two damaged discs (not one) L4/5 and L3/4. L4/5 is much worse and is the one that caused me the major problems last summer. The only permanent solution and route back to any form of long term high level MTB or running competition is either a disc fusion or perhaps some modern alternative surgical techniques that sound a bit sci-fi involving lasers!.

As disc fusion is obviously a big step so I asked about perhaps trying another 6 months of more intensive conservative treatment, particularly as I am about to enter #BIMTransferseason and move jobs and see what sporting functionality I can get back.


Dr Creaney has got me back on my full sus mountain bike (on the road) but advised I radically change the stem position to get more of a sit up and beg riding position and not pt too much power down (concentrate on using the gears and spinning). He has also got me to start going to Pilates and look at restarting of the core stability program I was doing last year. These things will not make my discs better, just give my back the strength it needs to help protect and prevent further damage and pain episodes.


I’ve now done 4 Pilates sessions which are great and a few road rides. I get a little discomfort in my hip but the lower back pain has disappeared again which is good. I have tightened up on my diet too and the weight is very gently starting to come off again.

This Sunday I have a one to one Pilates assessment with a local instructor, who is going to put together a structured program for me to do at home between classes at the local leisure center that to be honest vary in their quality week to week.

At the moment thoughts of MTBOs and ‘proper Mountain Biking are still way, way off but I at least I am now enjoying being able to go out in the evening sunshine on my bike and enjoy a ride or two with Holly.


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