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Injury Update

By Stodge @stodgeblog

Well I’ve been keeping this go myself for a bit, generally feeling pretty glum and sounding off to those around me so it’s time to update my blog readers with the latest news.
I saw the orthopedic consultant a week and a half ago and unfortunately I do need an operation to shave the side off my prolapsed L4/5 disc. To be honest I was expecting it almost wanting it as a permanent cure and am not particularly worried about the operation as it is now done via keyhole microsurgery and as a day case with a fairly quick recovery. Now the down side; I have to be referred to a surgeon – 3 month waiting list – and then probably another 3 month waiting list for the operation after I have convinced him I need it……..

It looks too that my exertions to lose some weight and get fitter, together with a wearing off of the effects of my lumbar injection now mean I am back in some pain if I am on my feet for long periods and therefore am back sitting on the sofa in the evenings and weekends rather than out and about.

I have taken it easy for the last few days and will try an easy turbo trainer session over the weekend as I think a little comfort easting has also crept in which needs to stop and I need to reverse its effects!


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