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By Laurieann @laurieann14
Influenster Have you been to influenster?
 What are you waiting for?
 Ok first finish reading this then click the link down below and head to influenster and check it out.
Influenster has changed their site. When i first went there i was a little confused but its not really that confusing.  On the home page, they have some of the reviews that ladies have given for different products.
Then,  they have a link for reviews. You can go to that link and give your review for different products.
The next link tells you about influenster.  They also have a link that will tell you all about the different happenings that are going on. They also tell you the different programs that are going on.
The next link is badges. Now to be honest, Im not really sure about this link. It shows your score but i think that on that link there needs some more work or make it more friendly.
On the right side of You can click on your name and that  will let you access your profile page.
One of the new things is that they have create an influenster score. You based on your social activities is the score that you have.
I think that this is a great idea.
I really do like the new site.
If you have not heard of influenster then click the link below and get started.
Well, what are you waiting for.
Trying products for free
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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