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Indian Horndogs on the Internet

Posted on the 04 April 2013 by Calvinthedog

Dota writes:

Some interesting points, especially regarding creepy behavior. Indians get subtlety, but generally in the context of etiquette, which resembles the Persian ‘Taruf’ in its mode of implied communication. I am not sure about the etiquette patterns of the lower castes since I’ve never had any extended interaction with them, knowing how segregated Indian society is. This is worth looking into. You are also generally correct about Indian men failing to read signals properly, especially with regards to non Indian women

I have been dealing with Indians on the Net for a long time now. All I know is that they are regarded as the bane of the Internet by many women, and not just Western women. I knew a Kuwaiti and a Filipina who despised them also. They were simply way too forward and often aggressively and immediately sexual, and the women regarded them as creeptastic. The basic impression that I have gotten from these Indian guys, who I feel immense sympathy for, is that these guys simply do not know how to act around women at all! That’s just all there is to it. A bunch of guys who simply do not know how to behave or act around chicks.

As a guy who knows women very well and theoretically at least knows how to act around them, I can spot this clueless behavior a mile away.

My conclusion was that these guys grew up in some sort of a gender segregated environment, and they simply never learned how to act around chicks.

Of course I have acted creepy and clueless countless times in my life. I was corrected by females and others in all sorts of ways for this creeptastic behavior such that I know don’t really do it very much. The way a guy learns to act around chicks is by going through a creeptastic phase and getting spanked countless times. After a while you start to figure out what is ok and what is not ok.

I know quite a few Facebook chicks. I met them on a FB dating site a long time ago. When I go to these women’s homepages, every post they make has one or more (often quite a few) Indian guys jumping all over the post saying stuff to the woman. The stuff they say varies, but in general they are coming across overeager and overenthusiastic. Many of these women are Filipinas (some were Thais), and they are not that easy to score anyway. I have asked many of these Filipinas with Indian guys all over their page if they have anything going on with any of these Indian guys. 100% of them have told me, “No, those guys are just friends.”

Over time, I noticed that a few of my Filipina friends hooked up with men and started relationships with them. 100% of the guys they hooked up with were Western guys, either Europeans (often Swedes) or Americans, New Zealanders, Australians, etc. Indian guys were having a 0% success rate with these chicks.

I wondered if there was something inaccessible about these chicks that kept the Indian guys away from them. I got to know some of these chicks via chatting. I know how to talk to women, and it often didn’t take very long before these chicks were inviting me to their countries. I would say, “Where do I stay?” Sometimes they would say, “You stay in a hotel,” but a number of other times they said, “You stay with me baby!”

And a number of them asked me if I wanted to marry them. “You come here to my country, if you meet me and like me, you marry me and take me to USA.” Maybe they just want a green card, but I think a lot of them want to marry an American and get out of wherever.

Some of them sent me dirty pics of themselves, and others talked dirty to me. So these women were definitely accessible, but these Indian guys were completely locked out of them. Now why these Indian guys were batting .000, I am not really certain. Whatever they are doing, I would say that they are doing it wrong.

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