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Incredible Live War Action out of Ukraine

Posted on the 07 February 2015 by Calvinthedog


If any of you are war buffs out there, you might be interested in this incredible video.

What happens in the video:

The video takes place on February 2. Before the video starts, a Ukie checkpoint in the town of Chernuhino (presently divided and being fought over) was overrun by the NAF. The opening footage shows the NAF at this newly overrun checkpoint. A number of Ukies were killed when the checkpoint was overrun. We see the body of a Belgian volunteer who was fighting with the Ukies dead on the ground, in bad shape. The camera lingers on his mangled body a bit.

It is hard to tell what is next as it is all in Russian, the text as well as the speech, but apparently the Ukies attack and try to take the checkpoint back from the NAF. NAF tanks race forward and engage the attacking force in what looks like a brief but very intense battle. Apparently the attackers are no match for the tanks. The attackers are quickly engaged and the attack is repelled. The tanks then move forward to where the attackers came from and there are several dead Ukies lying on the ground. Their bodies are mangled, in very bad shape. Ugly scene.

This is some pretty amazing footage of a live action video which results in a number of the attacking forces KIA.

The whole video is only 4 minutes long.

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