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Increase Your Self -Esteem and Learn to Love Yourself

By Roserighter @roserighter
Chaning yourself from the inside out is part of the weight loss journey. Its a path on which you will learn to love your body and fully accept yourself. Once you begin this journey, you will change the person you ar, become proud of what you've accomplished and really start living.
Losing Weight Can Change You On the Inside
Losing weight and keeping it off requires more than diet and exercise. These things may work for a while, but you will have little chance of long-term success if you don't analyze your thinking and love your body during its transition. Self acceptance gets a little easier as you acheive small goals and gain confidence in yourself.
You have to push yourself physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. Put your fears to rest and reach for what you want out of life. Challenge your fears and insecurires to step outside of your comfort zone and see what your are really capable of. No more standing on the sidelines.
Food Determines How You Feel
Consistently choose the right foods to lose weight and feel good about yourself. Eating junk food can make you feel sluggish and zap your energy. The more sugary foods you consume; the more you crave them. Take control over your food choices for a true feeling of power. Saying no to high fat and sugary foods can make you feel stronger.
Push Your Limits

You don't need to reach your final goal weight to improve your health and feel good about yourself. You can feel motivated and energized by making exercise a habit, eating smart and accepting new challenges. By getting regular exercise and pushing yourself a little harder with each passing week, you will be stronger, leaner and healthier.
Enjoy Your Weight loss Journey
Accept the journey for what it is and use the time to improve yourself inside and out. Start by breaking your long-term goals into smaller, more manageable goals. Then reward yourself with non-food items for your progress.
Then start taking risks. Try new things and break out of your comfort zone. These are the things that will define your new personality and help you form a positive opinion of yourself. The more you have to be proud of, the more you will like who you see in the mirror.
Accept that some parts are a work in progress. The excitement will come when you start to fit into smaller clothes and your fitness ability increases. You will start seeing a different person in the mirror and the thin, fit you will emerge. Look for the changes. Keep challenging yourself and love your body as your progress towards your goals, knowing that you are doing what it takes to make it healthier.
Things You Can Do To Boost Your Self-Esteem
  • Set and accomplish mini goals
  • Add weight resistance training to your workouts
  • Add to your social circle
  • Take a leadership role
  • Take interest in a new hobby
  • Discover your passion
  • Try a new sport/enroll in an aerobics class
  • Focus on what you do like about yourself
  • Volunteer your time for a worthy cause
Walking with confidence in who you are, mind and body, makes a big difference in all areas of your life. Your career, relationships and family life can all benefit from the time you spend learning to love your body.

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