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Increase Mobile Internet Speed [How To]

Posted on the 28 August 2014 by Pratyaksh Somani @somanitechshow

Increase Mobile Internet Speed using these few things. In this Era of Technology Internet has Become a Necessity for all the People across the World Whether they are school kids or working employees. Since now internet has become a source for every kind of information whether you want to book a ticket need to know fare between two places, weather information, train schedules or online shopping.

The reasons for low mobile internet speed

Increase Mobile Internet Speed [How To]

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Out of many reasons some important ones are :-
-Poor of Fluctuating Network Coverage Area.
-Invalid or Out-dated Network Configuration or Settings in Your Mobile.

-Heavy Load In the Service provider Network.

-Slow Internet Data Plan.

8 tricks to increase mobile internet speed for NON android phone users:

Frequently clear the cache memory of your mobile. You should never let your applications fill the cache memory of your mobile. You should always remove all the data, applications and information from your mobile which is no longer useful to you. This will increase the internet speed in your mobile. And also your device performance will be improved.

Try to keep minimum number of apps. Never install too much of applications in your mobile it decreases the internet speed in your mobile. Always remove the applications which is no longer useful.

If you are browsing internet only for text then you should turn OFF images in your mobile. Just load only texts and no images, by this you can increase the mobile internet speed and will increase the battery life too. But some sites may have only images as navigating buttons, so in that case you may face poor browsing experience. And also you want to load images then load low quality image instead of High Quality.

Avoid Simultaneous downloading and browsing. Never download other applications while surfing.

Good network coverage is very necessary for high speeds. Before using internet always make sure that you are using mobile internet in network coverage.

If you want good speed in your mobile then always load mobile view in Browsers and avoid desktop views.

Use UC Browser as substitute for Opera Mini. Go to

to get UC Browser on your phone.

Apps to Increase Mobile Internet speed for Android phone users:

Above we have some tricks to increase Mobile Internet Speed for Non Android phone users but How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed in Android Devices – Majority of the people are using android phones today and so if you are also an Android Smartphone user then you will be happy to know that there are lots of Apps available on Google Play Store that can help you to increase your mobile internet speed directly.

Use Apps to Increase Signal Strength

As stated above poor network coverage area is a big reason for low speed so you can use Network Signal Strengthening Apps to optimize your internet connection in your Android Mobile Devices for best performance. Below are Some of the Best Android Apps that you can use for free to Increase Your Mobile Internet Speed.

Network Speed BoosterDownload Link

Network Signal Speed Booster – Download Link
Signal Booster for AndroidDownload Link

UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the Fastest Mobile Internet Browser which Provides Lightning Fast Browsing and Downloading Speeds. UC Browser is Available in 7 different Major Languages with more that 400 Million Satisfied Users Across the World. Also it has cloud storage of 1.50 GB for its users. Therefore Download and Install UC Browser on Your Android Devices For Fast Mobile Internet Speed experience due to its cloud compression technology. Now UC supports Addons for even more better internet experience.
UC Browser For Android Smartphones - Download Link

Install Apps to Increase Internet Speed

As network is responsible for internet connectivity, so after Increasing Your Network Signal Strength internet speed will also increase. To increase internet Speed use Applications available in Android market. This Will Help You get Even Much More Speed though you will see a Instant Increasing in Your Internet Speed After Increasing Your Network Signal Strength.
Internet BoosterDownload Link

Disable Access to Internet From Other Applications(Firewall Apps)

Sometimes it happens that Applications Start Updating to the latest version in the Background due to Auto Update Feature is ON therefore Decreasing Your Internet Browsing and Downloading Speed So it is Better to Disable Access to Internet For Such Applications or check Update On Wifi Only option. Use the Below Given Applications to Disable Internet Access Feature for such Applications.
Droid Wall – Download Link
LBE Privacy Guard – Download Link

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Hope after reading this post you will be able to increase you mobile internet speed. For any problems please feel free to ask:

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