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In Season: Figs with Blue Cheese

By Colleensachs @colleensachs

In season: figs with blue cheeseOne of the nice things about having friends with gardens and farms is that they are generous about sharing their bounty. This week I had roasted yellow and red tomatoes topping my pasta, a crisp cucumber salad, and a light as air eggplant souffle, all fresh from the garden.

But the best meal turned out to be the simplest. A container filled with tiny, just picked figs was a perfect lunch when paired with a little blue cheese. What made this combination work was the soft sweetness of the figs and the sharp saltiness of the cheese.

The ripe figs are like tiny sacks of jam. They are so luscious that it is easy to forget that they are also remarkably good for you. They have more fiber than oranges, fewer calories than bananas, and are high in potassium.

When choosing figs at the market, test for ripeness by gently squeezing the fruit. If it yields it is ripe.

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