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In Praise of Women Over 40

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Calvinthedog

One nice thing about women over 40. Most of them have worked through a lot of their sexual inhibitions and hangups by that age and they are really loose and wild and get into sex like total maniacs. It is little known, but teenage girls and young women often have some serious sexual inhibitions and hangups. You would be surprised at how many of them do not regularly, cannot, or have never had an orgasm. Don’t even ask me to list all of the depraved sex acts that they refuse to do. And painful sex is a problem too, even for young woman. Why? Google vaginismus – most common in girls and young women.

Older women, like Felix, have a bag of tricks. The accumulated experience of a lifetime is not a bad thing. The best cocksuckers are whores, women 30-40 and faggots, but you guys probably don’t want to test drive the faggots. The lousiest cocksuckers are all the rest of them.

Women over 40 are extremely experimental and willing to try new things because a lot of them have already done everything under the sun anyway. You would be surprised how many of them have done it with a woman, often more than once, fucked two guys at once or been in orgies. I cannot tell you how many women in their 40′s who tell me that they masturbate every day or 10X/week. I knew one who even encouraged her 16 year old daughter to do it. “Hey honey, Mom does it, so why don’t you too!”

Women over 40 are typically orgasmic as they have finally got it down. It is not rare at all for them to be capable of multiple orgasms. The most I have ever seen is four in a row, but as I said earlier, my back hurts.

If you didn’t get the gist of the last paragraph, it means that a lot of women over 40 are perverted as all get out. Perversions increase with age, and young people are pretty shy. Not many people know this. And a lot of older women over 40 cannot even get pregnant anymore. Either they got it all yanked out and they don’t lay eggs like mother hens anymore, they had a nasty, infertilizing surgery, they got their tubes tied or they are post-menopausal.

One more thing: beauty. If you are a man over 40 who only finds women under 40 attractive, you are an idiot. Some day you will be such a grandpa that no young woman will give any more admiration than laughter. A taste for older women, like beer or coffee, is a developed one. I have developed it.

I used to be on a lot of dating sites and while I was deleting 50-75% of the emails (I was getting hit by ~5 emails/chat requests per day), here it the rundown:

40-49: They number of hotties and utter knockouts in this age range is simply incredible. Of course I was mostly searching in California where we try to remain youthful til death but still. I was utterly amazed at how many women care enough about their looks to keep it up through their 40′s.

50-55: I am utterly stunned at the number of women in this age range who still look good to incredible. I don’t get it. How do they do it? However, the number of homelies, uglies and fatties also rises to quite a high number sadly. Generally speaking, if they keep the weight off, they can still look really damn good at this age. But a huge number of them are fat and when you’re over 50 and fat, there is no choice but to hit the Gong bell.

56-57: I was quite surprised that the 50-55 thing carries over til about age 57, though there is some dropout.

58-62: You would be utterly stunned to find that there are any good-looking women at all at this age, but prepare to fall out of your seat. Yes, there are. They get increasingly rare, especially after age 60, but there are still a few. Some of them look much younger. I have seen 60 year olds who look 40. Others look their age but have a certain charm and distinction about them. Liking women 58-62 is definitely an acquired taste, but I am working on it.

Over age 63: No idea, only saw a few profiles in this age range and most were no go. However, I did see one 65 year old who looked pretty damn good.

Suggestions to older women:

Lose weight. Fat women are like man repellents. You should bottle your essence and sell it to lesbian separatists who would find it comes in awful handy.

Wear makeup. Women look better with makeup. Duh.

Wear sexy clothes. Duh.

Act sexy. Duh.

Try not to look like a librarian or a spinster schoolteacher from the 1800′s. Who wants to fuck a frumpy chick like that? Come on, think strategically.

Buy hair dye. The best women in this age category have all dyed their hair. Grey hair means old lady.Who wants to fuck grandma? I mean the world needs grandmas, but they are not exactly sex objects.

Look youthful. The more she looks like an old lady or my 80 year old Mom, the more I shout, “Next!”

Don’t take a lot of drugs and alcohol and don’t smoke. If you do these things, quit. Not now, yesterday. I saw a lot of over 40 women who looked like they had been used up and spit out by life. Not sure if it was the meth or the heroin or the booze or all those whoring years, but the hard life shows. As in, makes you look like crap. Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse is great if you check out by 30, but if by some miracle you survive and don’t knock out the live fast crap, you turn into Anita Allergen. In other words, yes you will die, but also you will definitely not leave a beautiful corpse.

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