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In Defense of (Some) Bullying: The Neccessity of Male Rules of Behavior

Posted on the 24 June 2016 by Calvinthedog

RL: Getting bullied doesn’t make you tough. What makes you tough is making through boyhood by being tough enough or masculine enough that you don’t get bullied in the first place, see? And bullying (not being bullied) toughens up boys too because the objects of their contempt are idiots, assholes, psychos, hypersensitive wusses, boys who cry all the time or even effeminate boys.

Jason Y: Seems like just another attempt to push conformity on people, normie behavior. Except of the case of psychos. I can understand that situation. Those people have to have their ass kicked.

Well we would not have bullied Jason as long as he was a regular guy. I was a brain myself and had a reputation for being a bookworm also.

Those boys who bullied Jason might have just been the local assholes or mean boys. We had those too and they bullied quite a few of us. They definitely bullied me, but I only got bullied by the worst bullies of all, and the boys as a whole pretty much left me alone or even accepted me. I am not sure if getting bullied by the worst bullies is helpful. I doubt if it helped me in any way. Their contention was that I was gay, and I’m not gay. I got in a really bad fistfight with one of the bullies in the 8th grade. It was a real hardcore fight with an audience and everything.

My point is about the boys who are getting bullied by almost everyone. Well, that is just not ok. There is something wrong with those boys, sorry. If everyone at school is beating up on you, you’re an outlier. There’s something wrong with you. You’re doing it wrong. And you need to change your behavior because you are getting hit so much because your behavior is so abnormal and unacceptable.

We were the normal, regular, everyday boys. We were not even the mean boys or the bullies. A lot of us were actually sort of nerds. A couple of us were fat. Some were rather ugly. A couple were pretty serious nerds, me included. None of us were with the popular crowd at all. Girls didn’t like any of us. But we ourselves were not being bullied for the most part because we were normal. The boys we picked on were the severe outliers who were acting so abnormal that just about everyone was hitting them. They’re getting hit for a reason.

Idiots: You had to be really bad. Yes, some of us bullied some idiots, but those guys were like nerds on steroids, like Ultra Nerds. I mean they were seriously, badly geeked out. The kind of guy you look at and start laughing because he is so lamed out. We did this is the 8th grade. I remember the guy we bullied, MD.

I saw him later at a party when I was 16 or 17. Someone started a rumor that he was seen walking home with another boy from school, and they were kissing, and I repeated it. That was very bad back then because being gay was like having the plague. You wanted to avoid anything like that at all costs if you were straight. You did not want to be seen as gay at all, and you did not want to do anything like that or honestly even think of such a thing. It was unthinkable.

He confronted me at the party and made me take it back, and it was like he was going to hit me if I didn’t. He insisted it was not true, and he wasn’t gay. So I took it back. But between 8th grade and 11th grade he had completely changed, and he was a 100% normal cool guy. So people can change, and no one has to be an idiot. I wonder if all that bullying back when he was an idiot helped turn him into a normal cool guy.

Assholes: All right, these boys were mean. Like “Dogdoo Dickie.” Dickie was an asshole. Sure, he was a product of his environment, and everyone treated him horribly, but he was still a serious asshole. He got bullied frankly because he was so mean and antisocial.

Psychos: Dickie was a psycho too. He was bullied because he was a psycho, like an incipient serial killer or a future criminal of some sort. He was bullied for being a violent nutcase.

Hypersensitive wusses: Dickie was a hypersensitive wuss. I told you about the Hunt Brothers, who we called the Cunt Brothers because they were such effeminate flamers. Well, they were not hypersensitive. They would not rise to the bait. I think we gave up on the Cunts after a while because they would not take the bait.

But Dickie always rose to the bait, so he got teased mercilessly. So Dickie was bullied endlessly because he couldn’t take a joke and he kept reacting to people who baited him. It’s lame to be a hypersensitive wuss, and if you are like that, you need to get bullied to learn that that’s not ok.

Boys who cry all the time: This is like DN, the boy who in 5th grade was always breaking into tears for no reason. “Look, he’s crying! Beat him up!” That pretty much sums up the socialization of boys right there. But I knew him again around age 18-23, and he had completely changed. He was still sensitive, but he had become very goodlooking, and he was one of the most legendary slayers in the neighborhood. So everyone respected him. Some still hated him from when he was a boy, but that was not fair.At any rate, he was no longer a crybaby, and that’s all that was important.

He later got seriously into bisexuality, and I always used to wonder if us beating him up all the time for being a sissyboy somehow turned him a bisexual man.

Effeminate boys: As in the Hunt Brothers, the Hunts, or the Cunts if you will. I prefer the latter as it has a nice ring to it. The Cunt Brothers were bullied because they acted like effeminate flaming faggots, that’s why! These were 5th grade boys aged only 10 years old. and they were acting like flaming queers! Well, what the Hell is the matter with some boy who is acting like a flaming homosexual at such an early age?! There’s something wrong with him. He’s going to get bullied. Most other boys see that behavior as 100% unacceptable to say the least and any boy who acts like that is going to get bullied pretty bad.

I think they ought to be bullied because normal boys need to learn that that effeminate nonsense is a 100% unacceptable way to behave. That’s what I learned out of that. The lesson I learned was, “You act effeminate, you get your ass kicked.” So I was not an effeminate boy, and I certainly do not see myself as an effeminate man either.

You have to put a stop to this sort of behavior otherwise a lot more boys might act effeminate and a lot more men might become effeminate men. There are too many effeminate men as it is if you ask me.

This behavior should be kept to a minimum. Sure, there are always sissy boys and gay men, many of whom are effeminate, but the less of this behavior, the better. It needs to be discouraged.

Let’s get real here. In the societies of both boys and men, it’s not ok to be an idiot, an asshole, a psycho, a hypersensitive wuss, a crybaby or effeminate flamer. Boys and men have very good reasons for attacking that sort of behavior. There are good reasons why those behaviors are highly discouraged in adult male society. All of those behaviors are seriously dysfunctional and need to be kept to a minimum. All of those behaviors are toxic to male society and to men’s relationships with other men. A man displaying any of those characteristics in a group of men is like a turd in a punchbowl. He’s messing up the whole group just by being there. He’s toxic.

If you are a boy who is acting like that, I would say stop doing it. If you are a man who is acting like that, I would say you need to knock it off and the sooner, the better (although I will give effeminate men a break if they are truly gay).

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