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In Absence of Leadership...the Ugly American Returns

Posted on the 10 June 2017 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
In the wake of the U.S. Administration's "Awesome" Policies of all standards, Donald J Trump would have to rank as the biggest Political Whore in the United States' 241 years of Existence!...yes, a true whore who sold out his own Country and the World, for the right Price!
The man who says; "Put America First", has just managed to put America dead last!! The United States has become the only Country in this World...aside from Nicaragua and withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords! where for the 1st time in the History of mankind! every Nation on the face of this Earth 'all' agreed to work together and bond for one Common Cause...the survival of this Earth, and in particularly the survival of Humankind!!!
In Nicaragua's case, they're not really against the accord...they just think it doesn't go far enough! Syria? At this moment, their concern isn't what happens environmentally down the road...they just want to be able to get there, alive! Those two have sort of a half-ass excuse not to participate at this particular time.So! America becomes the only Nation that truly wants to leave the Climate Accords...and the reason for withdrawing is by far, the most criminal act, any Country could ever do to their people!!! Hitler's Germany may have exterminated a portion of its population. Trump's America, will Pollute our entire Nation right into extinction!!
While the rest of the world...including Putin and Kim Jung Un!...signed-on, start to resolve their disputes and work together for one common goal...the United States, is institutionally regressing into a very dangerous Isolationist mentality! It didn't work in the 30s, and certainly with Trump's chaotic Amateur White House... is not going to work at all, especially in today's electronic age of communications.
"The very Essence of Leadership is that you have to have Vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet" ~~~ Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC
A President without a vision is doomed to catastrophically fail. The problem is, our President's only Vision in his 70 years of life is how much Money he and his Family can take before they gotta run!!...whether he Resigns, gets Impeached, or gets Arrested. And then, you wonder why the Trump presidency has been such a miserable failure from the get-go?!?!
Alfred E Newman is more a Visionary than Trump could ever be!...and he doesn't even worry!"American Leadership" once meant something around the world...Honor, Respect, and Trust. The Freedom, where anyone could come and achieve their dreams!...our leadership is what made the American Dream. "America! what a Country!" meant something very positive at one time.  Our Leadership as a Nation was America's greatest strength!In Trump's Vision of pacifying and endearing our natural enemy, while selling out our Allies the same way he's selling out our Democracy...for Trump, it's always about the almighty Dollar!
Don the Con's "awesome" gift to the United States of America for electing him President?...a tiny middle finger, flipping off an entire Nation and the World while saluting everyone with a big "Bronx Cheer"! 
America still doesn't get it!! It's not about making America Great or putting America First. It's about a big "F*ck You, America"! Selling out a Nation to Russia's influence! All, for a ton of laundered-up dirty Russian Money!  Now, we've lost the trust of our allies...actually, the trust of an entire world! American Diplomacy under Donald Trump has reverted back to its Imperialistic bully ways, with the reemergence of the world's most despised human being...the Ugly American is back!!  
A host of world leaders...actually, every Ally and all our Enemies around the World, all working together to save this planet...Criticized and Shamed our President for such an enormously ignorant and stupid Decision. Interesting!
Now, you have your educationally deficient morons who believe Trump is the second coming of Christ. And then you have the filth and immorality of rich & educated political slickers who just don't have the slightest care, and really don't give a sh*t what our legacy holds to our future generations!And finally, you have the vast majority of this Country and certainly, the vast majority of the World who see Donald Trump's departure from Modern Civilization as a huge profit making sellout to the most polluting, heartless and immoral Industrialists in the United States...Koch Industries among others...the very same ones who have paid out close to $Billions$ in Court Settlements, Wrongful Deaths Verdicts, Record Fines by the EPA!What do you see? The ever increasing Pollution of our skies, the deadly chemical infestation of our waters, from our Rivers and Streams to our Aqueducts! It's the destruction of our Forests, our Wildlife, the end of what "natural" Food supposed to be...and the beginning of America's craze for Gourmet Soylent Green! Sold to you by Monsanto...maker of Herbicides, luscious GMOs, and AstroTurf!
Our Country, if not the under attack by Super Rich Industrialists who don't give a sh*t if the Earth disintegrates or not! long they can take it all with them before they die! Yes!! The degenerate sick mind of Trump and his Billionaire Club! And they'll continue doing it more and more, cause We, the People are allowing it to continue!!!The Family Trump are true examples of human waste...true life degenerates who would even steal all the charitable $$$ going for Kids with Cancer through all their numerous Fake Trump Charities, just like Donald did with the Vets!! Yes! the total indecency and shameless immorality of our 1st Family will never seize...that's what the live for!!  
 "Leadership is an opportunity to Serve. It is not a call to self-importance" ~~~ J. Donald Walters
Making yourself look important, and posing as President, just makes you look even more the asshole everyone already knows you are, Donny Boy! What's your luck? The GOP are all true Spineless Cowards with no Cojones to tell you to take a hike! Their greed and your stupidity will be the Fall of Republicans in 2018, and of your Kingdom...even sooner!!
Planet Earth is currently inhabited by 7.5 Billion People!!...Yes! 7.5 Billion People who would all love to know that their Children and their Children's Children are going to simply be able to live and breathe fresh 21% Oxygen, rather than use a Mask &Tank until that's   not enough and die! Is all about the ability to survive on this Earth!!And out of all those have around 300 people...yes, that's right, 300+ totally immoral human beings in this World who calls themselves Republicans, 300 sick minds who don't care or give a damn what happens to anyone long as they can obtain all the material wealth humanly possible. Greedy Low Life Billionaires prefer to stuff their mattresses with every single dollar and every penny they can scrounge...they probably think when they die, they can pay off God to stick around...rather than go directly to Hell.
American Leadership around the world is currently taking a 'forced' sabbatical. The Art of Trump Diplomacy has alienated all our Allies. And for the first least in my lifetime...our Allies are publicly declaring; the United States cannot be trusted!!In Foreign Affairs, Leaders around the World are learning how to respond to this pompous ass...including Mocking, like the Leaders of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, mocking Trump's Orb. picture. His use of bully Politics to get things his way, Chastising our Allies and Appeasing our natural Enemy is getting nowhere!....except receiving the mistrust of both sides! And his Batshit spectacles at every stop, is an embarrassment and an insult to the very fabric of American Leadership! 
Our Leaderless American Diplomacy is on a very narrow dangerous road. While our greatness as a nation hits the rock bottom of the political gutter...Trumpism has brought back our Nation's Worst Political Diplomat from the dead...the Ugly American!
Umm? really makes sense!! Donald Trump, more than anyone alive is truly in every way, shape, and form...your quintessential, Ugly American!
Trump’s Climate-Change Sociopathy by Jeffrey D. Sachs - Project Syndicate

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